Biden announced sanctions that “Putin has never seen”

Biden promised Russia “catastrophic consequences” in case of aggression against Ukraine if the country shows aggression towards Ukraine. This was announced at a press conference by US President Joe Biden. According to him, Russian President Vladimir Putin “never saw sanctions” like those that Biden promised to impose if the invasion of Ukraine occurs . In

Scandalous US senator accused Moscow of nostalgia for the “Evil Empire”

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov The scandalous American Republican Senator Roger Wicker, speaking to reporters, announced the need to “intercede” for Ukraine, opposing some “aggressive” Russia's actions. The politician, sharing his impressions of his trip to Nezalezhnaya as part of a group of US senators, said that he had an opinion that the Russian authorities were “nostalgic

Biden promised Putin sanctions he’s never seen before

US President Joe Biden at a press conference at the White House spoke about Russia's response in the event of an invasion of Ukraine. In particular, he threatened Russian leader Vladimir Putin with sanctions never seen before: for example, Russia will not be able to conduct transactions with the dollar. “It will be a disaster

Alma-Ata authorities again prepared for a terrorist attack

The residents of Kazakhstan are ready to shave off their beards just in case Alma-Ata did not extend the state of emergency, replacing it with an indefinite “anti-terrorist operation.” According to the authorities, the level of the terrorist threat is “red”, therefore, marches and rallies were banned in the city. The lifting of the state

Korotchenko called the upcoming meeting between Blinken and Larov intermediate: “We are waiting for an answer”

The West understands that the refusal to provide written guarantees gives us the right to take any measures US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, at a press conference in Kiev, said that he had no luck at upcoming meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov US written response to Russia's proposals on security guarantees. Photo:

Putin and the President of Iran at the talks shared a huge table

The social distancing standard has been exceeded Vladimir Putin received the first foreign guest in the Kremlin in 2022 — it turned out to be the new President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi. On the Kremlin website, there are no shots of the two leaders shaking hands, and at the talks they were separated by a

The Kremlin sent a “softening” signal to the US and NATO

Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov made it clear that the intensity of the game is decreasing In its dialogue with the United States and NATO on security guarantees, Russia is not playing to raise the stakes, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov assured, speaking in International Discussion Club “Valdai”. However, from the statements of the official, the

Bagdasarov called the idea of ​​a meeting between Putin and Zelensky Erdogan’s game

“We should propose a meeting between Erdogan and Assad in Moscow” Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan invited Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to visit Turkey “to discuss and resolve differences” . This was reported by the Turkish daily newspaper Daily Sabah, citing the official representative of the President of Turkey, Igbrahim Kalin. Photo:

Psychologist-profiler parsed Nazarbayev’s video message: “I was under extreme stress”

“He sort of comforts himself” Despite the fact that the January events, which turned the lives of many residents of Kazakhstan upside down, were brought under control, the situation in the region is still in the zone of close attention. After a long silence and a number of media reports that ex-president Nursultan Nazarbayev left

Forbes: after the destruction of the Ukrainian flagship of the Navy, the siege of Odessa will begin

The Ukrainian naval forces have no chance in the battle with the Russian fleet The American financial and economic magazine Forbes made a forecast in the event of a possible Russian attack on Ukraine. Foreign experts compared the combat capabilities of Russia and Ukraine in the battle at sea and came to conclusions that are

State Duma deputy urged to listen to Putin on the issue of recognition of the LDNR

According to the first deputy head of United Russia, Adalbi Shkhagoshev, parliamentarians should be guided by this strategy outlined by President Vladimir Putin. It is important for deputies to understand all the possible consequences for Russia, but the residents of Donbass cannot be abandoned, he noted, his words are quoted by RIA Novosti. Earlier, the

Political scientist: Poklonskaya could have been extradited from Cape Verde to Ukraine

Photo: Former prosecutor of Crimea Natalya Poklonskaya on January 19 announced that she would not be Russian ambassador to Cape Verde from – due to personal circumstances. According to political scientist Maxim Zharov, she refused this position due to the fact that the authorities of an African country could transfer it to Ukraine. demand

Cellular operators in Russia raise prices for mobile communications

The cost of archive plans will increase by 10%. In Russia, mobile operators in 2022 increase the cost of archival tariffs. On average, mobile communications will rise in price by 10-12% this year. The operators themselves explain that this is due to the rise in equipment costs and the growth of mobile traffic. The Kommersant

The Metropolitan who returned the icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin from the USA to Russia has died

Retired Metropolitan Vladimir (Kotlyarov), who participated in the return to Russia of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God “Hodegetria”, painted by the Evangelist Luke, died at the age of 93. “Our leader appeared before God” hellip; Kingdom of heaven and eternal rest, dear Vladyka!” – Bishop Nazariy of Kronstadt wrote on Facebook. According

10 longest trains in the world

Railway operators around the world are competing to use long trains that can increase the cost-effectiveness of transportation by saving fuel, locomotive and rail car capacity. The average length of a freight train is 2 kilometers. Its increase is possible due to the addition of pulling blocks, which allow the length of the train to

Instagram will introduce a paid subscription

The head of the Instagram social network, Adam Mosseri, announced the introduction of the possibility of creating paid subscriptions, TASS reports. “This week we are launching the first version of Instagram subscriptions, <.. .> so that content creators can make a living. It's important that they can do this predictably, and subscriptions are one of

“Sevmash” announced the process of building a submarine – the carrier of “Poseidons”

General Director of the plant “Sevmash” (Severodvinsk) Mikhail Budnichenko said that the construction of the Belgorod nuclear submarine, the carrier of Poseidon marine drones, is at the final stage, RIA Novosti reports. “At the final stage — Nuclear submarine “Belgorod”. Hard work is going on in the workshops of the enterprise: two lines of ships

Australia approves Paxlovid and Lagevrio for COVID-19

Story Coronavirus pandemic of a new type that spread from China The Therapeutic Goods Authority of Australia (TGA) has approved the use of Paxlovid by Pfizer and Lagevrio by Merck Sharp & Dohme for the treatment of COVID-19 in adults, reports TASS. “None of the approved drugs is intended to be used as a substitute

Minus two degrees expected in Moscow on Thursday

Cloudy weather and black ice are predicted in the Russian capital on Thursday, January 20, according to the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation. «Little snow. In the region, in some places there is a snowstorm, ice,” the message says. Daytime air temperature in the city will be from minus two to

DLBI named the most popular passwords in 2021

DLBI, a service for intelligence of data leaks and monitoring of the dark web, reported that in 2021, the most common passwords on the Runet were simple sequences of letters and numbers, Izvestia writes. Reported that the combinations qwerty123, qwerty1 and 123456 occupy the top lines of the rating, the fourth place belongs to the

Biden called the summit with Putin possible

Biden said he was considering the possibility of a summit with Putin According to the US President, “there is such a possibility.” He added that he considers three rounds of negotiations with Russian representatives on security guarantees to be fruitless. jpg” alt=”Biden calls summit with Putin possible” /> U.S. President Joe Biden said at a

Biden compared the possible “invasion” of Russia to Ukraine with the Second World War

Biden: Russia's invasion of Ukraine will be the most serious event since World War II Biden is concerned that the situation around Ukraine could “get out of control” If Russia “invades” Ukraine to Ukraine, this step will have serious consequences for the world, US President Joe Biden said at a press conference. According to Biden,

Germany launches investigation against foreign minister who met with Lavrov

Germany launches investigation against Foreign Minister Burbock and Economics Minister Habek “aligncenter” src=”” alt=”The Federal Republic of Germany launched an investigation against the Foreign Minister who met with Lavrov” /> Annalena Burbock The Berlin Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into the leadership of the German Green Party, including its co-chairmen— Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock and

The White House clarified what would be considered an “invasion” of Ukraine

Jen Psaki: The US will regard Russian troops crossing the border with Ukraine as an invasion The US will consider Russian troops crossing the border with Ukraine a “new invasion”, according to Psaki, Biden made this clear to Putin. In the event of such actions, Russia is waiting for a “quick, tough and unified response”

The Ambassador named those responsible for the death of Russian journalists in the Central African Republic

Ambassador: Russian journalists in the Central African Republic were killed by militants from the 3R group in 2018 According to preliminary data, Russian journalists Orkhan Dzhemal, Kirill Radchenko and director Alexander Rastorguev were killed in the Central African Republic in 2018 by militants from the illegal armed group 3R. About this “RIA Novosti” Russian Ambassador

Senator Pushkov emphasized the “amazing stupidity” of the United States

Photo: Evgeny Semyonov American political scientists know nothing and do not want to know about the attitude of Russians to what is happening in Ukraine. They live in their own little world, where they feel comfortable and comfortable. Senator Aleksey Pushkov characterized the last statement of US Ambassador to Russia Mike McFaul about Russia's fear

Ex-official allowed the resignation of Johnson from the post of British Prime Minister

Photo: AP Minister Boris Johnson and his resignation. Francis John Cole, a former high-ranking EU civil servant and specialist in British politics, thinks so. “Boris will probably not survive the inquest. He is accused of lying,” he said, commenting on a party investigation led by MP and senior civil servant Sue Gray, who will present

The historian suggested the introduction of US sanctions against Germany because of SP-2

According to the Telegraph, historian Katya Hoyer expressed her opinion on the further development of events around the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. < /p> photo According to the expert, Germany was “between two fires”. On the one hand, it needs to maintain a common anti-Russian policy towards Moscow with other Western countries,

Investigation launched against German Foreign Minister Burbock

Photo: ruwikipedia The Berlin prosecutor's office launched an investigation against the leadership of the Union90/Green party. The investigation is also underway against German Foreign Minister Annalen Berbock. This is reported by Spiegel. Politicians are suspected of abusing the party in the payment of bonuses related to the coronavirus pandemic. “The subject of the process is