Channel One will restart the Pole Miracles show

The legendary TV game “ Field of Miracles '' will be restarted next year, the press service of Channel One said. It is clarified that the broadcaster did not renew the contract with the producer of the project, the VID TV company. The conclusion of a new agreement turned out to be impractical due to

Frost and slush. Troops in the Arctic will receive a unique all-terrain vehicle-armored personnel carrier

Combined arms formations of the Russian Armed Forces, which are based in the Arctic, will receive a DT-BTR tracked carrier. Thanks to its special design, this technique shows excellent cross-country ability, especially in wetlands and in the arctic zone. It is positioned as a technique for transporting personnel of a motorized rifle squad and its

What are the most popular vehicles developed on the basis of the Tiger armored car?

Special armored vehicles 'Tiger' became the basis of the car park of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard of other law enforcement agencies, and & nbsp; are also supplied for & nbsp; export. For & nbsp; 15 & nbsp; years was collected in & nbsp; a total of about three thousand “ Tigers

“Hit! Hit her! ” Who was shot in the case of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and why?

Plot World history with Andrey Sidorchik On November 29, 1941, a girl was executed in the village of Petrishchevo near Moscow. Neither the Germans nor the locals knew her real name. Calling herself Tanya, she steadfastly withstood all the torments and until the last minute told the locals: “ We will win anyway. '' “

Putin called the timing of the appearance in service of a new hypersonic missile

The new sea-launched missiles will enter service in early 2022. According to Putin, Russia began to create such weapons in response to threats from NATO Video The sea-based Zircon hypersonic missile will put into service in Russia early next year, President Vladimir Putin said at the VTB Capital forum “ Russia is calling! ''. “We

Putin said his right to run for re-election stabilizes the situation

The head of state said that he has the right to be elected for a new term, but his re-election “is not a goal for Russia” Video Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet decided whether he will be re-elected for new presidential term. He made such a statement during the VTB Capital forum “

Lukashenko allowed the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus

The President of Belarus said that he could ask Putin to place nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory if the United States places them in Eastern Europe. In 1993 Minsk became a party to the Nonproliferation Treaty Alexander Lukashenko Belarus will offer Russia to place nuclear weapons on its territory if such systems are deployed in

Putin named the basis of Russian politics

The policy of the Russian state is built “around a person” – at least the authorities “are trying to do this,” the president said. This assumes work in the fields of health care and ecology Video The human being is at the center of Russian politics, which involves addressing issues in areas such as health

Lukashenko decided to go with Putin to Crimea and recognize the Russian peninsula

A visit to Crimea will mean the recognition of the Russian peninsula, the President of Belarus said. According to Lukashenko, he has repeatedly discussed this issue with Vladimir Putin Alexander Lukashenko President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced that he intends to visit Crimea, this would mean the recognition of the peninsula as part of Russia.

WP learned about the discussion of the meeting between Putin and Biden during the visit of the head of the CIA

William Burns in early November in Moscow discussed the possibility of face-to-face talks between Biden and Putin in early 2022, the newspaper writes. In the meantime, according to her, Biden is preparing to call Putin in December William Burns CIA Director William Burns during his visit to Moscow discussed the possibility of a personal meeting

NATO Secretary General warned of sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

The foreign ministers of NATO member states discussed in Riga political and economic actions against Russia because of the “military threat to Ukraine,” the alliance secretary general said. Moscow denies accusations On the first day of the meeting of the NATO foreign ministers, the buildup of Russian military power on the border with Ukraine, the

“Remember Stalingrad”: the British spoke about a possible war with Russia

Photo: Still from video Readers of the British The Telegraph commented on an article about the possibility of war in Ukraine. The publication pointed to the words of Alexander Lukashenko that his Belarus will stand together with Russia if a war breaks out in Ukraine. The publication also recalls the earlier exercises of Russia and

Kiev court allowed the arrest of the head of Crimea Sergei Aksenov

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova The Kiev Court of Appeal issued a statement on the decision to grant permission to detain the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksenov. In the statement, he is called “the self-proclaimed chairman of the annexed Crimea.” In addition, the court opened a case against Sergei Aksenov under six articles, in

Chubais openly admitted that he was guilty for “everything bad” in Russia

It also became known that Anatoly Borisovich does not like to fly with children The former head of Rusnano, now & ndash; The special presidential envoy for relations with international organizations, Anatoly Chubais, said in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, which was published on her YouTube channel, that he was guilty for all the bad

Zelensky was predicted to flee from Ukraine: many crossed the road

The political scientist is confident that the president will not be allowed to live in peace after resigning Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will have to flee the country if he loses the presidential elections in 2024. Political scientist Ruslan Bortnik made such a forecast on the air of the Nash TV channel. Photo: The

Zyuganov promised to “sort out” the hospitalization of Rashkin

Communist deputy underwent an operation Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov commented on the hospitalization of fellow party member Valery Rashkin, who was recently deprived of his parliamentary immunity due to illegal hunting. Photo: Alexander Astafiev “ Let's figure it out. He had an operation, this is the second stage of the operation, in connection with

The expert appreciated the plans of the American Republicans to prevent the launch of Nord Stream 2

“The Conservatives want to put pressure on the Biden administration and wrest concessions from it” US Republicans have blocked further passage of the country's defense budget for the next fiscal year in the US Senate. According to Senate leader Mitch McConnell, this happened because the Democrats did not allow the approval of a number of

Ukraine predicted the consequences of ICAO consideration of the MH17 crash case

“They will immediately ask why they did not close the space over the conflict zone” The Netherlands will contact the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in the case of the Malaysian Boeing MH17 crash in July 2014, when 298 people died. This was reported by the Dutch news service RTL Nieuws. The aviation expert explained

The history of the coup d’etat saw the beginning of major upheavals in Ukraine

Experts believe that Zelensky's struggle with Akhmetov will deprive the country of economic potential The SBU has opened a criminal case on the fact of preparing a coup d'etat in Ukraine. According to the ministry, in addition to the Ukrainians, representatives of Russia took part in the operation. Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said

A new republic has appeared in the world with Rihanna as hero

Barbados finally got out of the power of the British crown A new republic appeared on the world map – with the status of a constitutional monarchy headed by Queen Elizabeth II, the island state of Barbados parted. The celebration on this occasion on the Caribbean island was held with splendor and in the presence

Belarus accused Lithuania of planting dead migrants

A body in a sack with cans of stew was found at the border The bodies of migrants mysteriously appear on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. The next, already the sixth, body was found by the Belarusian border guards on November 28. In Minsk, they believe that the bodies are thrown at them by Lithuanians. In Vilnius,

Deputy Rashkin, placed in hospital, filed a lawsuit against the State Duma

Criminal proceedings have not yet been initiated against him Deputy Valery Rashkin, who was deprived of immunity last week due to the killed moose, was in the hospital: a planned eye operation, his colleagues say factions. A criminal case against the communist has not yet been initiated, but he himself intends to sue the State

Handsome beardless man asked Putin how he spends his nights

It turned out that demographics are hindering the Russian president's sleep Vladimir Putin at the Russia Calling forum explained to the world economic elite what is the difference between him and Biden. To preserve controllability in the country, the US President had to announce that he was going to be elected for the next term,

Personal driver of Marshal Zhukov left memories of his manners

“Do not interfere, otherwise we will fall into a ditch!” The first day of the calendar winter of this year is marked by the anniversary of one of the most famous Russian commanders. December 1 – 125th anniversary of the birth of Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov. Now there are practically no people left who served in

American democracy is caught in the perfect storm

Washington is trying to reproduce a bipolar model of the world In the first decade of December, Washington will host a “summit of democracies” – an event that is criticized not only by countries that were not included in the list of participants, but also in the United States itself. This is due to the

European officials have written a “politically correct dictionary”: no Christmas, “ladies and gentlemen”

Expert: “This is done in order to hedge against litigation” In Europe, Christians are outraged by the new rules according to which officials will now communicate with residents of the Old World. They are not recommended to use the words “Christmas” anymore, to mention Santa Claus, to call the Virgin Mary, Joseph and other Christian

The end of “multi-vector”: Lukashenko’s decision to recognize Crimea was explained

“According to opinion polls, from 62 to 65% of Belarusians consider the peninsula a part of Russia” when he personally visits the peninsula, the last doubts will disappear. Lukashenko stressed that first of all he is going to fly to Sevastopol to see Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, Lukashenka admitted that he is ready

Journalist Butusov, who insulted Zelensky, is not afraid to become a “sacred victim”

Despite the information about his escape, he did not leave Kiev President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected in the Verkhovna Rada tomorrow at 10 am. With an annual message to parliament. The security forces, drawn to Kiev from neighboring regions, will face a tense night. Since on December 1, in the center of Stolny Grad, it