Mix Of The Week: LukHash

Mix Of The Week: LukHash

By Akshay Bhanawat – April 28, 2021 0 2

    LukHash is a Polish-born British music composer based in Edinburgh, UK. He creates a fusion of 8-bit digital mayhem and ’80s inspired synth music combined with modern sounds and cyberpunk aesthetics.

    His approach to electronic music weaves the hallmark features of several genres together with a nostalgic return to the musical motifs of the ’80s to create something entirely fresh.

    An avid experimenter with hardware synthesizers, LukHash’s unique twist on 8-bit sound arises from over a decade of experimentation with digital logic hardware, ranging from custom modified Commodore 64 systems to hacked Nintendo Gameboy consoles.

    Darker, dystopian and pensive in feel, LukHash’s striking sound captures a curious contrast between longing for a time since passed, and the tentative steps into a future unknown.

    To share his favourite sounds in Synthwave, House and Nu Disco, LukHash takes over this week’s “Mix Of The Week”. Tune in!

    00:00 LukHash – Code Veronica
    03:40 Meganeko – Cloudscape Architect
    08:37 Shirobon – Fracture
    11:08 Volkor X – The Portal
    16:39 Watch Out for Snakes – Fight Those Invisible Ninjas
    21:49 Arcade High – Full Hearts
    24:54 LukHash – Paradigm Shift
    28:40 LukHash – Turbo Challenge
    31:22 Danny Baranowsky – Notorious D.I.G. (Chipzel Remix)
    33:17 Matt Gray – Last Ninja 2 Reformation Central Park Loading Theme
    37:44 Fantomenk – The Massacre
    40:24 LukHash – The Game Is On
    43:59 Baddon – Parabolic Trajectory
    48:07 Jaunter – Armada
    53:06 Trash80 – Icarus
    57:17 LukHash – Impact Event

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