TWO LANES Team Up With Panama On New Single, ‘Rolling Back’

TWO LANES Team Up With Panama On New Single, ‘Rolling Back’

By Akshay Bhanawat – May 2, 2021 0 6

    It’s a special sort of obstacle for artists to find a vocalist to match the vision for their music.

    TWO LANES, however, have successfully done just that. And now, shortly after releasing the title track from their upcoming “Reflections EP,” the German duo are proud to release their next single, “Rolling Back”. What’s exceptional about this single is that it features Panama, the electronic musical project by songwriter/producer Jarrah McCleary.

    Being huge fans of Panama’s music, it was an easy decision for TWO LANES to include him on this unbelievable track. Leo, Rafa, and Jarrah share very similar backgrounds which helped them all to work together to create this soothing and delicate piece.

    “It all started with a piano progression that we recorded in our studio in Berlin,” TWO LANES says. “We added some atmospheric pad sounds and recorded some percussion loops with our modular system. We like how the texture of these modular bells and pluck sounds blend in with the piano. We sent this sketch to Jarrah aka Panama and he added some sounds to the production and started to write the vocals for “Rolling Back.” When he sent back the first version we both absolutely loved it! There is something very ethereal about the way he uses his voice and his overall writing style which is very inspiring and works really well with our musical vision.”

    Jarrah explains, ”The inspiration behind “Rolling Back” is about being magnetized to the past without any control over it. At the time, I was battling with staying in a present kind of state. I kept moving out of the present and into the past.”

    This is just the start of TWO LANES and Panama’s collaborative journey. “Rolling Back” has opened the doors to an endless amount of possibilities and provides creative freedom that the three are ready to pursue and explore for the years to come.

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