Shiah Maisel Teams Up With Coopex And EBEN For ‘Ruined My Life’

Shiah Maisel Teams Up With Coopex And EBEN For ‘Ruined My Life’

By Mmkrishna Cherla – May 2, 2021 0 4

    Queens based singer/songwriter Shiah Maisel is back with another single and this time he joined forces with NCS regulars Coopex and EBEN for ‘Ruined My Life’.

    This aggressive future bass banger is out on all streaming platforms.

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    Shiah Maisel is not a new name in the scene. He has been quite active for the past year and has collaborated with dance scene titans like Blasterjaxx and Laidback Luke. He has explored many genres within the dance scene while flirting with Alternative sounds from time to time. Maisel previously collaborated with Finnish producer EBEN on their single ‘My Therapy’ which was also released in 2021. This is Maisel’s first collaboration with Coopex who is a regular name on labels like NCS, Kontor records, Trap nation etc. Both Coopex and EBEN specialize in bass music and this record stays true to their signature style. Give it a listen.

    Future bass has been the crowd favorite for quite a while now. From casual gaming to festivals, Future Bass caters to a wide audience. Its versatility and flexibility are reasons for its rise and dominance. ‘Ruined My Life’ is a Future Bass record that is on the energetic end of the spectrum. Its sad vocals are properly supplemented with an aggressive instrumental to keep the tone of the record intact. Production quality is top shelf and Shiah Maisel’s mastery in singing and songwriting can be perceived easily through this record. The strong bassline and chord progression are quite enjoyable for any listener. One must also acknowledge the level of delicate vocal processing done for this particular record. Everything from Synthesizer design to Mastering adds up to create perfection. ‘Ruined My Life’ is a rare audio listening experience and it is a must have for any playlist.

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