Mix Of The Week: Demien Sixx

Mix Of The Week: Demien Sixx

By Akshay Bhanawat – June 9, 2021 0 19

    In the EDM world, “Demien Sixx” is a name that many people are quickly getting to know and remember. It hasn’t taken long for the NYC DJ/Producer to build up a strong following of fans, both in the club scene and online.

    Demien Sixx’s unique fusion of Dubstep, Electro House, and Trap is what sculpts his trademark sound, consisting of drum-machine like sounds, tight rhythm sections, and walls of bass, surrounded by lush synth melodies and uplifting hooks. His tracks are all about engaging the crowd and liberating high amounts of energy, whether you are enjoying them via the intimacy of your headphones or being thumped in the chest by a state of the art PA system in a club.

    His latest singles are “Thunderdome”, and “Savage Wasteland”, and if song names are an indication of a song’s energy, these two certainly do paint an accurate picture. These songs are a total blast, and the visual show that comes with it is nothing less than spectacular. Demien performs the hit in his Mad Max style outfit, equipped with EL wire lighting.

    Unlike many of today’s artists who seem to exist mainly on the internet, Demien Sixx places high value in the live-performance aspects of music.

    In his own words he says:

    “Sure, it’s all about the great sound, but a club night is not only experienced through your ears. My shows are a multimedia experience delivered to engage all of your senses.”

    This mindset, along with his formidable sound and encapsulating visuals, is more than likely the reason behind Demien’s huge appeal, reflected in his rapidly growing fan base, and why his gigs are said to be a spectacle to remember.

    To give us a glimpse of his favourite dubstep sounds, Demien Sixx takes over this week’s “Mix Of The Week”.


    00:00 Demien Sixx – Event Horizon
    01:53 Moguai – Aciiid
    03:09 Knife Party – Parliament Funk
    03:39 Chester Young – Get down
    04:40 Space Laces – Dominate
    05:37 Loopers – Out of Control
    06:30 Mephi, Zahia – Need you
    07:34 Megahertz, Rettchit – Poltergueist
    08:32 Demien Sixx – Universe
    09:48 DJ Snake, Zomboy – Quiet Storm
    11:29 Dion Timmer, Sushi – Test me
    12:32 Excision, Subtronics – Vault
    14:10 Bear Grillz – Drop that low
    15:18 Aylen – Primitive Rhythm
    15:42 Eptic, Habstrakt Lazor 3000
    16:30 Eptic, Jauz
    17:13 Riot, Apashe – Fire Inside
    17:43 Torro Torro, Brillz – Give it Time
    18:50 Chainsmokers – Don’t let me down (Ephwurd Remix)
    20:49 Zardonic – Pure Power
    22:04 Far Too Loud – Megaloud
    22:52 Demien Sixx – Cthulhu Beckons
    24:18 Foreign Suspects, Gaw – Nephilim
    25:26 Ivory – Deadspace
    25:52 Excision, Wooli – Lockdown
    27:18 Demien Sixx (Savas Remix) – Enter Half Dead
    29:10 LeKtriQue – Carmageddon
    30:26 Knife Party – Resistance
    31:39 Demien Sixx – Half Dead (Original)
    33:26 Demien Sixx – Stranger Things Dubstep Remix
    34:52 Figure – Spirits of the Dead
    36:35 Demien Sixx – Devastation
    37:51 Excision, Subtronics – Bunker Buster
    39:34 Demien Sixx, Frito – Stellar Addiction
    41:30 Oddprophet – The Tower
    42:31 Demien Sixx – Maximum Overdrive
    44:25 Destroid – Annihilate
    47:20 Pegboard Nerds, Jauz – Get on up
    48:20 Electric Soulside, Fast Foot – Terminate (Far Too Loud Remix)
    49:52 Calvin Harris ft Rihanna – This is what you came for
    50:37 Demien Sixx – Savage wasteland
    52:00 Wenzday, LeKtriQue – Break (my heart)
    53:11 Habstrakt – The One
    54:11 Linkin Park – Numb (Beatbreaker Remix) INTRO
    55:09 Skrillex – Make it Bun Dem
    56:11 Linkin Park – Numb (Beatbreaker Remix) OUTRO
    56:26 Zardonic – Vigilante (Esparta Remix)
    58:30 Zardonic – Follow the Light
    60:04 Zardonic, The Qemists – Takeover
    61:42 Demien Sixx – Maximum Overdrive (Zardonic Remix)
    63:19 Jantsen – Nintendough
    64:57 Grabbitz, Rezz – Someone else
    66:04 Yultron, Rezz – Hell on Earth
    66:53 Demien Sixx, Creator – Astral Vampire
    70:20 Swarm, LeKtriQue, Brian Lenington – Silver Ghost
    71:57 Merow, Henri Victory – Creeper
    72:50 deadmau5, Rezz – Hypnocurrency
    74:08 Sullivan King, Swarm – Hitman
    75:30 Zardonic – Revelation (Code Pandorum & Sadhu Remix)
    76:07 Stoned Level – Never Back Down
    76:57 Frito – Ganzombies

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