Ofenbach & Ella Henderson Unite For New Single ‘Hurricane’

Ofenbach & Ella Henderson Unite For New Single ‘Hurricane’

By Akshay Bhanawat – September 18, 2021 0 2

    Parisian producer duo Ofenbach joins forces with chart-topper Ella Henderson on their collaborative new single ‘Hurricane’ – released globally today.

    Just when you thought summer was over for another year, ‘Hurricane’ comes crashing through as an undeniable smash to cause a storm on the dancefloor and party playlists alike.

    The track, which features unmistakable vocals from Ella Henderson, bears all the markings of a true Ofenbach classic with the trio creating euphoric dance- pop perfection.

    Still in their early 20s, Ofenbach are very much a part of the global dance crossover trend with a sound that takes additional influence from rock, pop and folk.

    Made up of the stylish Parisian producer duo, César de Rummel & Dorian Lauduique, after more than six years together and a constant string of outstanding releases, they have reached a new level in their career.

    Ofenbach explain, “We absolutely adore Ella’s voice and we are thrilled that we finally got to work with her after being a fan of her music for so long. Her vocals are a perfect for ‘Hurricane’ and we can’t wait to perform this song all over the world together.”

    In such a short amount of time Ofenbach have become the most streamed French duo in the world, amassing a staggering 2 Billion streams to date.

    ‘Hurricane’ follows up previous hits ‘Wasted Love’, ‘Heads Shoulders Knees & Toes’ and is set to be one of the standout pop moments of the year.

    Not shy of collaborations, Ella is thrilled to be joining Ofenbach on this club-conquering release and says, “I’m so excited for this one – we’ve created an end of summer power anthem!! Working with Ofenbach has been so much fun… they’re super talented and it is a pleasure to be able to collaborate on this record together!”

    Ofenbach will be taking their incredible live show on stage in Spring 2022, touring across Europe and UK.

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