Tomorrowland Plans To Expand To Three Weekends In 2022

Tomorrowland Plans To Expand To Three Weekends In 2022

By Melody Siganporia – September 20, 2021 0 9

    After having to cancel the event for two consecutive years, Tomorrowland has been faced with massive financial blows worth millions of euros.

    As a means to recover from this debt, the festival plans to submit an application to host the third weekend for its main event in Boom for 2022.

    With the weekends of July 22-24th and July 29-31st, 2022 already being approved, they are hoping to add on the weekend of July 15-17th to make up for the losses and also to address the concerns of fans with the growing waitlists and unavailability of tickets due to the pent up demand of two years and counting.

    As reported by Netherlands News Live, the festival will submit an application to the municipalities of Boom and Rumst and the province of Antwerp. In the request, TML states that it wants an extra weekend out of economic necessity and to compensate for all cancellations. The application will be examined in the coming weeks and the final decision will be made in consultation with local residents.

    Speaking about the matter, Tomorrowland spokesperson Debby Wilmsen said, “Were we planning to organize three weekends anyway, even before corona? Not at all. It’s really to alleviate the financial hangover that we have to do this. Don’t forget that we’ve already had to miss six festival weekends, four in Belgium and another two in France with Tomorrowland Winter. In addition, we also owe this to our festival goers, we get a lot of questions about the tickets, and the waiting lists continue to grow.”

    While there was no word from the Mayor’s of Boom or Rumst just yet, their provincial deputy Jan De Haes (N-VA), responsible for provincial recreation and green areas and therefore also De Schorre in Boom, emphasizes the good cooperation with the festival, saying “A collaboration that we valued and that we want to perpetuate in the future. That is why we welcome Tomorrowland’s request to organize three weekends in 2022.”

    Whether this will be a one-off exception or a more regular occurrence remains to be seen, however even if just for 2022, the addition of a third weekend will have prospective attendees from across the globe hopeful and excited in addition to bringing the festival some kind of financial respite.

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