Gregory Esayan And Astroleaf Release Vibrant Synthwave EP ‘Stronger’

Gregory Esayan And Astroleaf Release Vibrant Synthwave EP ‘Stronger’

By Akshay Bhanawat – September 23, 2021 0 3

    Russian progressive house producer Gregory Esayan and Norwegian singer-songwriter Astroleaf returned to Monstercat Silk today with their dreamy EP, ‘Stronger.’

    The four-track package explores the various changes that have occurred over the last year, transporting listeners to a new era filled with vibrant and hopeful soundscapes.

    The bright keys, rich bassline, and crisp percussion in the title track “Stronger” perfectly accompany Astroleaf’s upbeat vocals, culminating in a layer of positive energy and emotion felt throughout the EP.

    Gregory Esayan shares, “Be stronger, just be stronger.”

    Astroleaf adds, “This song is inspired by the isolation we all experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic and is a reminder of how thankful we should be to be able to go outside and enjoy nature in our normal lives. It also briefly touches on some of the riots and the increasing turmoil we saw in 2020.”

    ‘Stronger’ EP Tracklist:

    1. Stronger
    2. Travel Addict
    3. Stronger (Extended Mix)
    4. Travel Addict (Extended Mix)

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