Tritonal Return With Momentous New Single ‘Out Of The Dark’ With EMME

Tritonal Return With Momentous New Single ‘Out Of The Dark’ With EMME

By Akshay Bhanawat – September 24, 2021 0 16

    With their now ‘Very’ Long Way Home Tour finally in full swing across the US and Canada, Dance heavyweights Tritonal return with brand new single ‘Out Of The Dark’ with incredible vocals from EMME, taken from their forthcoming 5th album entitled ‘Coalescence’ dropping in 2022.

    Tritonal has had an exceptional start to the 2020s after releasing a flurry of impressive singles that saw them return to their musical roots exploring Progressive & Trance with a reinvigorated intensity.

    As live shows stopped throughout the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Texas-based duo took the opportunity to expand their horizons with the release of their fourth studio album ‘Reverence’, a meditation album which they crafted as a means of finding peace within themselves and spreading that to their fans during a tumultuous year.

    Now they gear up for a brand new chapter in their story which begins with ‘Out Of The Dark’, the first single from their upcoming fifth album ‘Coalesce’.

    Encompassing all that they’ve learned on their musical journey thus far, this forthcoming album solidifies Tritonal’s production, art and meaning. ‘Out Of The Dark’ is a grandiose trance production that sees the duo’s refined sound at its very best, supported by an outstanding vocal performance from American vocalist EMME.

    The two acts lock in together, crafting a strong introduction with dark overtones, setting the stage for a resurgence both figuratively and literally.

    Formed in Texas in 2008, the duo of Chad and Dave has been one of the most prolific acts of the electronic dance music scene for over a decade. They gained a global fanbase thanks to their unique blend of progressive and trance, combining the classic sounds of their influences like Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren with a sleek, polished production style.

    They went on in the 2010s to branch out and take one wider influence within dance music, releasing three albums during the decade with 2011’s ‘Piercing The Quiet’ becoming a beloved fan favorite.

    With a host of music and tour dates to look forward to, the ever-present duo shows no signs of slowing down as they journey back to their Trance and Progressive Roots.

    Fall 2021 Tour Dates

    9.24 – San Antonio, TX
    9.25 – Minneapolis, MN
    10.1 – Dallas, TX
    10.2 – Houston, TX
    10.8 – Chicago, IL
    10.9 – Pontiac, MI
    10.22 – New York, NY
    10.23 – Madison, WI
    10.30 – Edmonton, AB
    11.5 – Atlanta, GA
    11.6 – Miami Beach, FL
    11.11 – Salt Lake City, UT
    11.12 – Seattle, WA
    11.13 – Denver, CO
    11.19 – Cosa Mesa, CA
    11.26 – Philadelphia, PA
    11.27 – Pittsburgh, PA

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