We made Russia cleaner. What actions did eco-volunteers carry out in 2021

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The largest movement of Russian environmental volunteers, Do it! summed up the preliminary results of 2021. Its activists organized more than a thousand environmental events for schoolchildren and students, conducted more than 4.5 thousand environmental lessons and almost 1,300 environmental relay races in 85 regions of the country. More than 300 thousand trees were planted and 420 thousand kg of garbage collected, of which 145 thousand kg were sent for recycling. Do it! Movement operates in 57 regions and intends to open branches throughout Russia next year. It coordinates its initiatives with the national project Ecology.

One of the most massive actions of the movement is Save the Forest. In 2021, it was attended by 1 million people who planted 70 million trees. As part of the action “ Water of Russia '' more than 14.5 thousand subbotniks took place on the banks of reservoirs, from where 15 thousand trucks of garbage were removed. And from 5 to 20 December, for the second time, a large-scale waste paper collection campaign # bubatl2021 will take place.

Within the framework of the national project “ Ecology '' movement “ Do it! '' pays special attention to environmental education. This is an online Olympiad, during which schoolchildren in grades 1 and 9 perform tasks that allow them to consolidate their knowledge of how to plant trees or sort garbage. This is also a completely new educational format – the ecological relay race #ecoGPO. This is the name of an offline quest, the participants of which get the main ecological habits in a playful way. 5.5 thousand people have already passed the #EkoGTO standards. And on the social network VKontakte you can win prizes by completing thematic tasks. This competition now involves 10 thousand children registered in the Eco-Generation application, also developed thanks to the national project.

November is marked as a climatic month in the calendar of environmental volunteers. In the days when the world was discussing a common strategy to combat global warming in Glasgow, Scotland, the Climate and Carbon Footprint lessons started in Russia. They introduce schoolchildren and students to climate change issues.

Do it! Movement unites people of different ages. In 2021, they worked in 8 nature reserves and national parks, helping to ring birds, conduct excursions, sort waste and create art objects. In three regions of Russia, thanks to the efforts of local volunteers, workshops were created for sorting waste and processing it into new useful things.

& laquo; Eco-volunteering & ndash; it is a response to the population's demand for the preservation and enhancement of the nature of their native land. This can be associated with an increase in the level of environmental awareness of society, with the active development of the non-state sector and an increase in federal activities implemented by the national project “ Ecology '', & ndash; notes the chairman of the Do it! Andrey Rudnev . – Eco-volunteering is a trend today: stars, artists, popular bloggers talk about the importance of eco-themes, large brands are launching joint “ green '' projects. All this pushes people not to stand aside. ''

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