On an Olympic scale. How the national project will teach children to travel safely

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Since November 1, within the framework of the national project “ Safe high-quality roads '' All-Russian online Olympiad “ Safe Roads '' is being held in our country. Taking into account the great popularity and high social significance of this undertaking, the term of the Olympiad was extended for another week. You can take part in an online competition and test your knowledge of road safety measures until November 28 on the Uchi.ru platform.

No one will be left without an award

“ Nearly 2.5 million students 1 & mdash; 9 classes have already taken part in the Olympiad & bdquo; Safe Roads & ldquo ;, & mdash; says Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin . & mdash; Every year the traffic intensity is growing, the road network of the country is expanding, therefore the formation of a culture of safe behavior on the roads among schoolchildren is becoming a major task, which is also embedded in the achievement of the national goal. '' & Nbsp;

All-Russian Online Olympiad 'Safe Roads' held for the second year in a row. It was first held in November 2020. The organizers are several federal departments & mdash; Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with the Ministry of Education and ANO “ National Priorities ''. The Olympiad is free for everyone. To take part in it, you just need to register on the Uchi.ru online platform and from your personal account go to the Olympiad page. & Nbsp;

Before starting the competition, you can practice. To complete the Olympiad, you will need a computer or tablet with a modern browser and Internet access. You can complete tasks at home, if necessary, parents can help children. Each participant, depending on the result, will receive an award: a winner's diploma, a certificate of commendation or a certificate.

Prevention & mdash; from kindergarten

Decrease in accidents and mortality (3.5 times by 2030) & mdash; the most important tasks within the framework of the national project “ Safe high-quality roads ''. Consistent work aimed at preventing accidents and promoting law-abiding behavior of road users is called upon to help solve them. & Nbsp;

For example, in the Tambov region, authorities at all levels are involved in this work. There are 42 resource centers for the prevention of child road traffic injuries, 398 teams of young traffic inspectors are working here. On October 26, active and caring guys took part in a regional online lesson on road safety. Acting Head of Administration of the Tambov Region Maxim Egorov spoke to them about the rules of behavior on the road.

Tambov region. Photo: nationalprojects.rf

The lesson was held at the Skolkovo-Tambov school, all schools in the region joined in the broadcast. In addition to the regional leader, took part in the lessonand about. Head of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Russian MIA Administration for the Tambov Region, Police Colonel Sergei Penyasov . “ Prevention of road safety should be conducted from kindergarten, & mdash; recalled Maxim Egorov. & mdash; It is good that large-scale educational work on this topic is being carried out in the Tambov Region. '' At the safety lesson, the guys shared their ideas for improving the situation on the roads. For example, student 9 “ Z '' class of the Skolkovo-Tambov school Konstantin Shaludin proposed to hold the action “ Day with a traffic police inspector ''. And a team of young traffic inspectors from the Sosnovsky District put forward an idea to conduct on the basis of the sports and recreation camp “ Tambov Artek '' specialized shifts dedicated to road safety.

The regional online lesson became a kind of preparation for the All-Russian Online Olympiad on the knowledge of the basics of safe behavior on the road. More than 17 thousand schoolchildren of the region have already taken part in it and tested their knowledge of traffic rules. “ The tasks of the Olympiad are structured in such a way that they are of interest to schoolchildren of all ages. Pupils solve situational problems for pedestrians, cyclists, vehicle passengers '', & mdash; says senior inspector for the promotion of road safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Russia for the Tambov Region Irina Mochalova . & nbsp;

According to Olga Istomina, a teacher-organizer of life safety at Tatanovskaya secondary school , the students of her school take part in the competition “ Safe Road '' with great pleasure; children '': “ It gives the children the opportunity to realize their creative potential, to develop their own communication skills. It is very important that it is aimed at drawing attention to the problem of the safe behavior of children on the roads '', & mdash; notes the teacher.

“ I '' creative person. For me, participation in this competition & mdash; this is the world of competition and communication with interesting people, the world of finds and happy moments, & mdash; says a member of the school squad & bdquo; YUID & ldquo; Sergey Baranov . & mdash; I am a member of the school squad & bdquo; YUID & ldquo; and I enjoy doing activities to prevent child road traffic injuries. ''

Knowledge will save lives and health

Schoolchildren of the Kemerovo region also learned about the rules of conduct on the roadway during safety lessons. Classes were held within the framework of the Safe High-Quality Roads national project. The first lesson & mdash; for fifth graders & mdash; passed in the Kemerovo gymnasium number 1. It was conducted by Deputy Chairman of the Kuzbass Government for Education and Science Elena Pakhomova … “ Safety Lessons & mdash; preparatory stage for the All-Russian Olympiad & bdquo; Safe Roads & ldquo;. The main goal is & mdash; to raise the awareness of schoolchildren and their parents on road safety issues, which will help save their lives and health, and reduce the injury rate of children on the roads '', & mdash; she noted.

Kemerovo region. Photo: national projects.rf

In the classroom, schoolchildren were shown videos on how to properly cross the road in various situations, how to accompany a pedestrian with impaired vision or hearing, how to transport children in a car, and much more. Also, the guys performed interactive tasks of the “ Safe Roads '' Olympiad. last year. This allowed them to test their knowledge of traffic rules as pedestrians, passengers or bicycle (scooter) riders. Educational tasks before the Olympiad and explanations to them in case of mistakes helped the children to better understand and remember the rules.

According to the traffic police department in the Lipetsk region, for 9 months of 2021 the total number of road accidents in the region decreased by 19% compared to the same period in 2020, and the number of deaths & mdash; by 4.8%. According to Head of the Department of Roads and Transport of the Lipetsk Region Ivan Mychelkin , the most effective way to deal with recurring accidents in certain places & mdash; installation of photo and video recording complexes: “We are increasing the number of cameras: now about 130 complexes are working on the roads, another 14 will be launched by the end of the year.” At the same time, prevention of road traffic injuries among children is considered to be the most important area of ​​work to reduce road traffic accidents. Schoolchildren in the Lipetsk Region are also happy to participate in the Safe Roads online Olympiad. And on the eve of its start, a lesson on traffic rules took place at school number 34 in Lipetsk. & Nbsp;

Lipetsk region. Photo: national projects.rf

“ Since 2019, the Lipetsk region has been participating in the national project 'Safe high-quality roads'. Thanks to the national project, about 300 thousand km are being repaired. roadbed per year. But one of the most important goals of the national project & mdash; still save people's lives. It is in your power to help us in this work, I want you to learn the safety rules, observe them and remind those who are around '', & mdash; admonished future participants of the Olympiad head of the Lipetsk region Igor Artamonov .

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