Available to everyone. How can Russian residents get free legal aid?

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From & nbsp; 29 & nbsp; to & nbsp; 32 & nbsp; million citizens annually need & nbsp; free legal aid. Such figures were announced in & nbsp; May 2021 at the & nbsp; meeting of the president with & nbsp; members of the government. But & nbsp; while only a small part of the country's population receives such support. Examples from & nbsp; regions show that where there are government free legal aid bureaus, it is much easier for people to defend justice and & nbsp; their legal rights.

When do people need the help of lawyers?

Cases, when citizens need free legal assistance, there is a huge number in the & nbsp; country. For example, a resident of the Novomalyklinsky district of the Ulyanovsk region Galina I had to go through two courts to prove my right to & nbsp; obtaining housing on & nbsp; social rent from a & nbsp; specialized fund.

“ Galina belongs to the & nbsp; category of orphans, & nbsp; & mdash; tells a member of the registrar of the AYUR, leading legal adviser of the State Legal Bureau Anastasia Melnikova … & mdash; & nbsp; At & nbsp; 18 & nbsp; years old she moved from & nbsp; Trans-Baikal Territory to & nbsp; Ulyanovsk Region. In & nbsp; Transbaikalia, she was on the & nbsp; list of orphans who need to be provided with housing. However, when she moved to & nbsp; Novomalyklinsky district, the regional Ministry of family, demographic policy and & nbsp; social welfare refused to include her & nbsp; in the & nbsp; regional list & raquo ;.

With & nbsp; the help of lawyers in & nbsp; April 2021 Galina. The regional department was ordered to include the girl in the & nbsp; line for an & nbsp; apartment. However, then officials filed an appeal against the & nbsp; decision of the court. In & nbsp; as the reason for refusing to & nbsp; housing Galina, they indicated a change of residence after 18 & nbsp; years.

Free lawyers helped the girl again. “ There is no territorial tie to & nbsp; a certain region & nbsp; RF and & nbsp; already & nbsp; especially the prohibition on & nbsp; change of residence for orphans in & nbsp; there is no legislation, & nbsp; & mdash; notices Anastasia Melnikova. & mdash; & nbsp; This does not & nbsp; affect & nbsp; their & nbsp; right to receive housing. As a result, the regional court again took the & nbsp; side of the girl and & nbsp; upheld the decision of the district court.

Another case happened all in the & nbsp; the same Ulyanovsk region. A local resident who was raising three minor children alone came to the & nbsp; lawyers for a consultation.

“ As you know, in & nbsp; 2020, families with & nbsp; who have children under & nbsp; 16 & nbsp; years old received federal payments twice & nbsp ; & mdash; for & nbsp; 10 & nbsp; thousand rubles for & nbsp; each child, & nbsp; & mdash; says member of the AYUR registrar, chief specialist of the State Legal Bureau Natalya Nadosha , who dealt with the problem of a mother with many children. & mdash; & nbsp; It so happened that Lyudmila & nbsp; F . applied to the & nbsp; Pension Fund for & nbsp; payments only in & nbsp; July 2020 & nbsp; year. However, a mother with many children was denied & nbsp; these payments.

It turned out that all payments (almost 60 & nbsp; thousand rubles) had already been received by Lyudmila's ex-husband, although he & nbsp; had not & nbsp; seen the family for many years and & nbsp; had long lived in & nbsp; another area. “ With & nbsp; given that her & nbsp; ex-spouse does not & nbsp; only does not & nbsp; help the family, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; for a long time has not & nbsp; pays alimony & nbsp; & mdash; such an act, to put it mildly, does not & nbsp; paint this person, & nbsp; & mdash; says the lawyer. & mdash; & nbsp; I & nbsp; helped Lyudmila write a statement about & nbsp; recovery from & nbsp; ex-husband of unjust enrichment in & nbsp; the form of received one-time social payments. The court ruled in absentia on & nbsp; satisfaction of claims.

Both of these stories have one thing in common & nbsp; & mdash; they took place in the Russian region, where state bureaus of free legal aid have already been created.

Legal aid & nbsp; & mdash; in & nbsp; masses

In & nbsp; Ulyanovsk region, such a bureau appeared back in & nbsp; 2004 & nbsp; year. Only in the & nbsp; first year of work, it helped 1 & nbsp; thousand people. human. Now a network of & nbsp; 32 & nbsp; offices is deployed across the entire region. The number of people applying for & nbsp; free legal support is growing every year. In & nbsp; 2019 & nbsp; year & nbsp; it & nbsp; received more than 22 & nbsp; thousand. residents, in & nbsp; 2020 & nbsp; & mdash; almost 23.5 & nbsp; thous. And & nbsp; for the & nbsp; first 9 & nbsp; months of 2021, more than 20 & nbsp; thousand people have already contacted & nbsp; state lawyers. people.

In other words, a request for & nbsp; free legal aid is in demand, they say in the & nbsp; government. So, in & nbsp; Chechnya, 1409 & nbsp; people received it. Among them there are 626 & nbsp; disabled, 52 & nbsp; poor, 6 & nbsp; family members of dead servicemen and & nbsp; many others.

In & nbsp; May at & nbsp; meeting with & nbsp; government Russian President Vladimir Putin wondered why only & nbsp; 2% of & nbsp; the number of those who have the right to & nbsp; free legal aid, use this right. “ We associate such a small number of requests with & nbsp; a number of problems, & nbsp; & mdash; then told the head of the Ministry of Justice Konstantin Chuychenko … & mdash; & nbsp; First, there is a low level of awareness among people. Few people know what he is entitled to by & nbsp; law. Well the development of technology and & nbsp; the emergence of digital public services allows you to solve this problem. In & nbsp; 2022, we will create the Federal State Information System & bdquo; Legal Assistance & ldquo;. Its main component will be a single portal for legal education and & nbsp; free legal aid.

The President then noted that legal literacy and & nbsp; the ability to seek & nbsp; help from specialists are extremely important to ensure the interests of people and & nbsp; Russian laws.

“ Statistics show that the free legal aid system works better in & nbsp; those regions where state legal bureaus have been created '', & nbsp; & mdash; Chuichenko noted. At the & nbsp; meeting, it was proposed to concentrate efforts on the & nbsp; creation of state legal bureaus in & nbsp; all regions and & nbsp; to develop standards for the provision of free assistance and & nbsp; a code of professional ethics for its & nbsp; participants, as well as & nbsp; and mechanisms for monitoring & nbsp; their & nbsp; execution.

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