In Syrian Idlib, Russian women live in a camp for the wives and widows of militants

Information has appeared on the Internet about the appearance in the Syrian province of Idlib of a tent city for the wives and widows of militants of the Islamic State banned in Russia. Women, many of whom are citizens of the Russian Federation (mainly from Chechnya and Dagestan), are ransomed from the Al-Khul camp and illegally transported to the Darkush district, located on the border with Turkey. According to one of the versions, this is behind the group of Abu Mohammed al-Dzhulani, banned in Russia, Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS).

At least this is what the former manager of the Jamilia camp Muhammad Shakil ( on the picture). According to him, the militants demanded to transfer control to them more than six months ago. As a reason, they stated that the women held there were allegedly helping IS cells in Idlib. As a result, Shaquille had to obey.

Now there are about forty women and an unknown number of children in the Jamilia camp. According to some reports, they are forced to marry HTS militants in order to prove that they no longer adhere to the ideas of IS. An alternative to this is the illegal crossing of the Syrian-Turkish border. However, women fear that they may become victims of the Turkish gendarmerie, which regularly open fire even on people working in their area. They are also afraid of persecution at home for participating in a terrorist organization. Nevertheless, according to Shakil, many women still leave for Turkey in the hope of starting a new life, writes the Directorate 4 Telegram channel.


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