Vilfand warned of weather anomalies in the European part of Russia

The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand warned that the residents of the European part of Russia will face weather anomalies in the coming days, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the forecaster, in the central part of European Russia, in the very At the end of November, temperatures are expected to be five degrees above normal.

“ In the south, the weather is more anticyclonic. The temperature will rise. In Crimea, plus five & mdash; plus seven degrees, and by Saturday, Sunday plus 14 & mdash; plus 17 degrees. This temperature is six to eight degrees above normal. A similar situation in the Krasnodar Territory '', & mdash; he added.

At the same time, anomalous cold is expected in the north of European Russia & mdash; frosts can reach minus 20 degrees.

Earlier it was reported that a thaw would begin in the Moscow region on November 25. On Thursday afternoon the temperature will rise to zero degrees, light snow is also expected. From November 26, it will get warmer up to plus 4-5 degrees. & Nbsp;

It was also reported that 45-degree frosts were recorded in Yakutia. In the capital of the region, Yakutsk, the air temperature dropped to minus 33-35 degrees. & Nbsp;


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