Martin Garrix Announces New Collab With Matisse & Sadko And John Martin, “Won’t Let You Go”

Martin Garrix Announces New Collab With Matisse & Sadko And John Martin, “Won’t Let You Go”

By Shantanu Gursal – December 7, 2021 0 1

    It is not yet the end of the year for the Dutch superstar Martin Garrix. The long-anticipated and teased collaboration with Matisse & Sadko has finally been announced.

    This Friday marks the release of “Won’t Let You Go” by Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko and John Martin.

    Check the announcement post here:
    The DJ and producer have over-delivered for the year with back-to-back releases and with this new announcement, it is evident the musician is not ready to close the book yet. The track is a collaboration with progressive house virtuosos Matisse & Sadko and John Martin from “Don’t You Worry Child” fame. Garrix has also just released his 12 track debut album under the Area 21 moniker, titled “Greatest Hit Vol 1”.

    The artist has teased the new track in all of his live shows, and a couple of leaked versions have also been surfacing nine, which led to him getting back to his definitive uplifting progressive house style one hears on tracks like Pizza, Hold On, Home, etc. The fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the track.

    Also, a live version of the track is shown here:

    The fact that he can reinvent his brand and experiment with his sound is an undeniable testament to both his talent and longevity, ultimately driving his legendary narrative even further.

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