Russia sent to Kazakhstan the latest electronic warfare system “Leer-3”

On the footage of the Zvezda TV channel, you can see that the Russian side is sending a modern complex of electronic warfare and radio-technical intelligence “Leer-3”, specializing in cellular networks of the GSM standard.

A feature of the complex is the delivery of electronic warfare and electronic warfare systems to the target using unmanned aerial vehicles.

The purpose of the complex:

  • Suppression of mobile communications.
  • Simulating the operation of a cellular base station in the GSM 900 and GSM 1800 bands and sending false signals (messages).
  • Conducting reconnaissance by determination of points of radiation of devices in GSM networks.
  • Detection of subscriber points (mobile phones, tablets and other communication systems).
  • Transmission of data about the location of subscriber points to artillery crews for a fire strike.
  • Aerial observation of the situation on the battlefield and the movement of troops.
  • Assessment of the state of army and naval facilities.
  • Study of the terrain


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