“Gossip, extortion, fights.” How concierges fight tenants

Several residents of apartment buildings at once complained in social networks about the arbitrariness of the concierges. According to the authors of the posts, 'the attendants at the entrance' extort money and arrange a scuffle. & nbsp;

AiF.ru found out how the concierge should receive a salary and who hires them.

The Nineties are back

This is the assumption made by a resident of the Moscow region of Kurkino Yulia Chorna. & nbsp;

“ Madame, who calls herself a “ concierge '', collects cash for her services, and neatly hangs a piece of paper with squares for everyone to see. Who passed, he is well done, and who did not pass, he will become famous throughout the entire entrance. And if suddenly you don't want to and try to get rid of the leaflet, then physical violence, abusive insults and streams of dirt in the ears of neighbors about you and your family await you '', & nbsp; & mdash; written by Julia. According to the woman, fighting off too intrusive service (or rather, from the attack of the concierge), she smashed a table in the entrance. And it turned out to be to blame: she also had to pay for the loss. The woman says that once this concierge was the senior at the entrance, no one hired her to work and did not promise to pay her salary.

The concierge knocks out money by force. Photo: Screenshot

Next is another resident of an apartment building & mdash; Zhanna Bolotova & mdash; shared her story. According to the woman, they bought an apartment and received information from two concierges about the need to pay for their services in the amount of 7 thousand rubles a month. While the renovation was going on, the family regularly gave this money, and in cash, just by writing in a notebook. They did not receive any checks or other accounting documents. But now the situation has changed: Jeanne's husband does not enter this apartment at all, since it was bought for their children, and the woman herself only sometimes appears on the doorstep. And she is always immediately confronted with rude arrivals of the attendants: they literally force the money out of the tenants. “ Their functions, these concierges, are extremely dubious, & mdash; & nbsp; Jeanne writes. & mdash; There is a code on the door. And there is a separate room cleaner. They were gone for two months (people over 65), and that was great. Now I don’t know how to get rid of this hassle. ”

“ Oh, those concierges ”

Social media users reacted violently to these posts. Basically, everyone is inclined to one thought: concierges are different, they are not always needed. Especially if they demand a lot of money for their work.

“ Oh, it's good that we have wonderful concierges and there are no such scandalous neighbors! & mdash; writes Irina Naykhovich … & mdash; And yes, we have such a sign hanging, and everyone thinks that this is normal. '' “ We had such a concierge, a similar situation, we could not get her out of the entrance, there was half the entrance for her, & mdash; Isabella Lalayan writes. & mdash; As the district policeman himself said, it is easier to get a person out of the prison than to clean it out. Somehow, a bunch of statements to the police were collected on her. And yet another scandal with the tenants was finally crowned with success. Now we don't want any concierges and there are no smells. And they only collect gossip, I also learned so much about myself, it was funny to me: they invent it on the go. ''

But there are those who speak out in favor of the concierges: “Do you think that she steals money, does not fulfill her duties, does she have an overpriced pay for work? I consider announcements with debtors unacceptable, the work of the concierges & mdash; important. As for this conflict, in order to understand something, two sides are needed. ''

“ We have a plate with debtors. 4 concierges. Ours will not let strangers into the entrance, take care of flowers and flower beds near the entrance. All nice people, they don't gossip or make friends. I think all our neighbors are happy. We were probably just lucky. I pay without problems every month 600 ₽ & raquo ;, & mdash; says Svetlana Tumanova.

To pay or not to pay

The internet is replete with complaints about concierges. However, there is also the opposite situation: those looking after the order in the entrances themselves sometimes complain about the tenants. Similar incidents happen in many cities of Russia. So, in 2017, the concierge made a remark to the owner of the dog from his entrance, and after that her husband beat the man for two days. And one jealous visitor of a young lady beat a 70-year-old concierge for refusing to keep talking with him about which other man visits his friend.

Although most, of course, complain about the opposite: concierges poke their noses into their own business, do almost nothing and spread gossip.

So, is it possible not to pay concierges? How is their service generally arranged? What threatens for the dissemination of personal data and extortion?

“ Any such aggressive actions on the part of the concierge (and in general any person) are an insult, & mdash; comments lawyer Konstantin Erokhin. & mdash; First of all, citizens need to stop the misbehavior on the part of the concierge. To do this, you need to collect all the data on insults for the last 3 months and contact the local prosecutor's office. For each case, separate proceedings may be initiated against the concierge and a separate fine awarded.

No one has the right to demand from tenants to pay for any services in cash. All calculations can and should be made only by bank transfer. If you have any questions, it is advisable to offer to conduct all negotiations in writing in order to record such requirements. ''

Oksana Vasilyeva , j. y. D., associate professor of the department of legal regulation of economic activity of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, believes that it is possible to stop the dissemination of personal data by contacting law enforcement agencies (prosecutor's office, police). For this, there may be criminal punishment under article 137 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“ Violation of the inviolability of private life '').

“ You can also be held accountable under Article 128.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (& bdquo; Libel & ldquo;), according to which libel & mdash; it is the dissemination of knowingly false information, discrediting the honor and dignity of another person or undermining his reputation. Perhaps this is your case & raquo ;, & mdash; the lawyer believes.

It is definitely worth writing a statement for beating a person and demanding compensation for moral damage. The concierge must be brought to either administrative or criminal liability, depending on the severity of the harm caused.

The activities of the concierges are regulated by the decision of the general meeting of residents. The general meeting should decide whether to hire a concierge or not, how much to pay and when. All this must be noted in the minutes of the meeting. The decision is taken by a majority vote. & Nbsp;

The management company hires a concierge, and his remuneration must go through it. Therefore, it is worth writing another complaint to the Criminal Code. For such a violation, the management company faces a fine from one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty thousand for improper management of apartment buildings, and for failure to conclude an employment contract with an employee & mdash; a fine from fifty to one hundred thousand rubles.

You can refuse the concierge if this decision is made at the general meeting. But, if the majority is in favor of the concierge, although you are against, you will have to pay the fees.

If the hiring of the concierge is not formalized in any way and there is no document confirming the adoption of such a decision at the general meeting, then you can simply stop make contributions and immediately indicate where the concierge is wrong, and warn about responsibility under the Criminal Code. It is also worth writing a statement of claim to the court.

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