What’s in a name? Muscovites come up with names for 28 streets and stations

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Mayor Sobyanin invited Muscovites to come up with names for 11 streets, 15 metro stations and two boulevards. to leave your mark on the history of the city, you need to vote on the portal “ Active Citizen ''. & nbsp;

Not projected, but velvet?

“ Let's suggest names for new Moscow streets and metro stations. We launch 28 votes at once '', & ndash; the mayor wrote on his blog & shy; VKontakte.

This is not an ordinary vote, because no choice of names is offered – & ndash; you need to come up with them yourself. Most of all you will have to “ get creative '' residents of the Western District of the capital. There you need to give a name to nine new streets in Ramenki at once: a lot is being built in this area now. Most of them are located in a new residential area between General Dorokhov and Michurinsky avenues. After all, it is somehow undignified, living in a modern residential complex in Novo-Peredelkino, to name the address & ndash; Projected passage number 636. It is much more pleasant to live, for example, in Barkhatny Lane. This name appeared among the Moscow toponyms last year. Centuries ago there was the village of Orlovo (or, according to other sources, Orlovets), where in 1825 the carpet factory of the merchant Epaneshnikov began to operate, where they produced velvet carpets made of Shpanska and Russian. wool. ''

When coming up with names for streets and boulevards, you need to include not only imagination, but also logic, as well as attentiveness. If you look closely, then on the very “ AG '' the organizers of the vote give small tips. For example, in the annotation to the name of the street on the site of Projected Passage No. 1324A in the new residential complex in Ramenki it is written that “ Mosfilmovskaya Street adjoins the block from the east. '' This means that the new toponym can be associated with the name of your favorite actor or movie. By the way, in Ramenki the townspeople need to give names to two new boulevards. Residents of Brateyev and Pechatnikov will have to come up with names for only two streets. & Nbsp;

After summing up the voting results, the proposed names will be submitted to the experts of the Moscow State Budgetary Institution “ Analytical Center '' for consideration. Their task is & ndash; make sure that there are no repetitions. The department faced this in 2012 with the annexation of new territories. To avoid large-scale renaming and inconvenience, it was decided to keep the old street names in New Moscow for the time being. At the same time, the name & shy; of a city or settlement began to be added to the address. Today, the official address in the & shy; TyNAO looks like this: Moscow, Troitsk, Sirenevy Boulevard. After all, Lilac Boulevard is also in the east of the capital.

It is also worth remembering that Nagornaya Street cannot be in the lowland, and Teatralnaya & ndash; near the Technopark. A toponym can “ speak '' about the history of the place, but to name a street in honor of a person, 10 years have to pass since the moment of his death.

Where will the “ picturesque '' be opened?

While everything is clear with the streets and boulevards, it is more complicated with metro stations. The fact is that many of them have so-called working names and they have already “ stuck '' among the people. For example, the new station of the Troitskaya line to Kommunarka near General Tyulenev and Tyoply Stan streets is already dubbed by local residents as “ General Tyulenev. '' It is planned to open it only in 2024, and the name is already on hearing. Among the proposals there is also “ Sambo-70 '' & ndash; in honor of the famous sports school located nearby, and “ Picturesque '' & ndash; due to the proximity of the Moscow Academy of Watercolors and Fine Arts Sergei Andriyaka . However, it turned out that the “ Picturesque '' residents of the northwest also want to name their station of the Rublevo-Arkhangelskaya line, located near the intersection of Parshin and Zhivopisnaya streets. It will open by 2025

Station with the possible name “ Golyanovo '' The Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line will appear at the intersection of Ussuriyskaya and Sakhalinskaya streets in 3 years. I wonder who will win the vote & ndash; “ Ussurians '' or “ Sakhalin residents ''? After all, both of them want to immortalize their streets in the name. Or maybe, so that no one was offended, the new terminal of the blue line will be named in honor of the Nevelskoy or Tatarsky straits, separating the continent of Eurasia and the island of Sakhalin? Or, in general, it is better to leave it as it is, & ndash; “ Golyanovo ''?

On the “ AG '' collect ideas for other stations with working names & ndash; Novomoskovskaya Sokolnicheskaya and Yuzhny Port Lyublinsko-Dmitrov “ shy; skaya line, as well as platforms of new branches: Troitskaya (Desyonovskoe, Vatutinki), Biryulyovskaya (Caucasian Boulevard, “ shy '' 6th Radialnaya street, Lipetskaya Zagorye, Batyunino, Moskvorechye) and Rublevo-Arkhangelskaya (Linden Grove, Zvenigorodskaya). will choose unique, logical and informative names. After that, the decision of the Moscow government should come out. And only then the street, station or boulevard will receive the name that you came up with, maybe it’s you.

The toponym can “ speak '' about the history of the place, but to name a street after a person, 10 years have to pass since the & nbsp; moment of his death. & nbsp;

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