The market reacted to the statement of the Deputy Foreign Minister by falling shares and the ruble

Sergei Ryabkov made a statement on the US and NATO.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who took part in the recent talks with the United States in Geneva, said that Washington and NATO are not ready to fulfill Russian demands.

The high-ranking diplomat voiced his opinion on RTVI.

According to him, the Russian Federation presented draft documents and expressed its readiness to work on them to prepare for signing.

Nevertheless, according to Ryabkov, this is now impossible.

< p> & # 8220; On key elements of these texts, the United States and its allies are actually telling us & # 8220; no & # 8221; & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; Ryabkov said, noting that the United States is ready to continue the dialogue on some issues, but this is & # 8220; secondary to the same non-expansion of NATO & # 8221 ;.

He called the situation & # 8220; dead end & # 8221; or & # 8220; sort of a difference in approaches & # 8221;, noting that he does not see any serious grounds for continuing the discussion in the near future.

Ryabkov's words provoked a reaction at the auction. So, after his statement, the Mosbirzhi index fell by 2.23% & # 8211; up to 3744 points.

The ruble fell against the dollar and the euro & # 8211; up to 74.99 rubles (+0.28 rubles) per unit of American currency, up to 85.96 (+0.47 rubles) & # 8211; per unit of European.

Recall that due to the growing tension on the Russian-Ukrainian border, Russia proposed to the United States and NATO a draft treaty on security guarantees in Europe.

Among other things, Moscow proposed to exclude Ukraine is included in the list of member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the Estonian Prime Minister was outraged by the negotiations between the Russian Federation and the United States. However, Kai Callas' position has been ridiculed on the web.


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