The expert called the US biolaboratory in Alma-Ata a threat

“Americans could smuggle out dirt or strains on the sly”

Kazakhstan did not allow the CSTO peacekeepers to guard the Aikimbaev biological laboratory in Alma-Ata. This secret facility was created in Kazakhstan with US assistance and reports directly to the Pentagon. What is fraught with a dangerous object and why Kazakhstan is hiding it from the eyes of Russian scientists, Igor Nikulin, a microbiologist, a former member of the UN Commission on Biological and Chemical Weapons, told MK.


Earlier, the media reported, citing local residents, that an attack had been made on the biological laboratory in Almaty. Participants in the riots & nbsp; allegedly & nbsp; & quot; opened the windows & quot; on the first floor. Specialists in chemical protection suits were seen near the dangerous facility. Locals fear the leakage of dangerous pathogens.

The Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan hastened to assure that there is no reason for panic, the laboratory is under protection. Who exactly performs the security function was not specified.

This laboratory & mdash; one of the objects of the Pentagon scientific network in Central Asia. The United States Threat Prevention Agency (DTRA), which is responsible for research in the field of weapons of mass destruction, has opened five more such laboratories at research centers in Kazakhstan and two in Uzbekistan. There are similar centers in Ukraine, Georgia and other countries in the post-Soviet space.

– This is a laboratory of the third level of biological safety, that is, one of the most modern. They are not monitored internationally. As far as we know, they worked there with the most dangerous types of bacteria and viruses. For example, the latest bacteria and viruses were tested on a specific gene pool: on humans, animals, plants.

– With the virus of the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, with rare species of plague, with the “ Alpha '' -coronavirus, which is considered to be the predecessor of SARS-CoV-2. For this reason, many Kazakhstani human rights activists are inclined to believe that outbreaks of coronavirus in the region are precisely related to the work of this very laboratory. There have previously been leaks of meningitis, brucellosis, and a number of other dangerous diseases from there. Therefore, since 2020, Russia has been demanding to admit our inspection to this laboratory in order to check what they are really doing there. There are strong suspicions that the Americans are violating the Biological Weapons Convention there.

The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction (BTWC) was the first international disarmament treaty prohibiting the production of an entire class of weapons. Its signing was the result of many years of efforts by the international community to create a legal framework complementary to the Geneva Protocol (1925). The BTWC was opened for signature on April 10, 1972 and entered into force on March 26, 1975.

– Let's not exclude that the Americans themselves could have organized it. A kind of crossbow. To pretend that & nbsp; allegedly & nbsp; they were attacked, and themselves, on the sly, took out some compromising documents & nbsp; or the same strains. Maybe, of course, they are just marauders, but then it is even more dangerous, because they could take out some pathogens from there. Maybe they were terrorists too. Anything can be. The main thing for us now is to bring this dangerous facility under the control of the CSTO forces.

– Even if the Kazakhs plan to do it on their own, we need to use the right moment to find out what they are really doing there. The border of Russia with Kazakhstan is more than seven thousand kilometers, and dangerous objects located along this border pose a threat to our security. This is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed in the coming days, at most in the & nbsp; coming weeks.

– As far as I know, this is a purely American project. Maybe the Germans indirectly somehow participated in it, but the United States spent more than $ 400 million on these laboratories in Kazakhstan, and it would be stupid to think that they threw them away.

– Firstly because they signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Americans, one of the points of which was precisely that they had no right to provide any information. But the former Deputy Defense Minister in 2020 handed over to Russia documents indicating what exactly these laboratories are doing.

– We do not know one hundred percent what is there. That is why a full-scale inspection must be carried out. Send Russian peacekeepers there, and let the military virologists find out what exactly the Americans were doing there. The difficulty is that this object uses the principle of extraterritoriality, that is, it does not seem to belong to Kazakhstan. But now there is just a favorable moment when this situation can be resolved and, finally, the Americans can be caught doing what they always accuse Russia of – specific violations of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.


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