Peskov saw the expulsion of diplomats by France as a “closed window” for relations

The press secretary of the Russian president said there is a “potential risk” of a severance of diplomatic relations between Moscow and Paris if the expulsions of diplomats continue

Embassy of the Russian Federation in France

France's decision to expel Russian diplomats « closes the window for relations between countries, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with LCI.

Answering a question about the possibility of breaking off diplomatic relations between Moscow and Paris, he noted that if the deportations continue, then “there is a potential risk that this will happen.”

“Expulsion of diplomats” this is a decision that closes the window for diplomacy, and its efforts are especially needed in such situations, — Peskov believes (TASS quotes his words).

On April 4, the French Foreign Ministry announced its decision

expel a large number of Russian diplomats, whose actions, in the opinion of Paris, are contrary to the interests of the country's security. The BFM TV channel announced plans to expel 30 diplomatic workers, and the AFP— 35. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, promised a “worthy response” Moscow to the actions of Paris.

The next day, the French Foreign Ministry summoned Russian Ambassador Alexei Meshkov to notify him of his decision, BFM TV reported, citing sources. The Russian Embassy in France told RBC that the French side handed over to Meshkov a list of employees of Russian foreign agencies declared persona non grata. In response, he “expressed a strong protest against the unfriendly action of the French authorities.”

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In addition to France, countries such as Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and others have decided to send dozens of Russian diplomats to Bronevik.



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