Profil and ORF learned about the freezing of real estate of a State Duma deputy in Austria

Austria has frozen a residence in Vienna and a penthouse on Lake Wörthersee, owned by State Duma deputy Andrei Gorokhov, Profil and ORF write. According to income information, Gorokhov owns a residential building and half of an apartment in this country .jpg” alt=”Profil and ORF learned about the freezing of the property of a State Duma deputy in Austria” />

Russian State Duma deputy Andrey Gorokhov

The Austrian authorities froze the property of a State Duma deputy from the United Russia party Andrey Gorokhov in Vienna and Carinthia in connection with anti-Russian sanctions, according to Profil magazine and the ORF television and radio corporation.

According to the Austrian media, Gorokhov owns an apartment in the 19th Vienna municipal district, on the outskirts of the capital of Austria, as well as penthouse on Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia. The country's Land Registry says the assets were frozen under the Sanctions Act. This also means that they cannot be sold.

The income statement for 2021 states that Gorokhov owns a residential building in Austria with an area of ​​353 sq. m and half of the apartment with an area of ​​217.5 sq. m.

Profil and ORF clarified that Gorokhov is one of 351 deputies who voted in favor of recognizing the independence of the DPR and LPR on February 15.

RBC turned to the press center « United Russia».

Amid the imposition of sanctions, the authorities of a number of European countries began to freeze real estate owned by Russian businessmen.

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Thus, in Italy on April 11, a villa was seized, which belongs to the former co-owner of the Uralchem ​​company, who fell under Western sanctions; Dmitry Mazepin and his son, a former Formula 1 driver Nikita. It is located in the city of Portisco in the province of Sassari in the north of Sardinia, its cost is estimated at $105 million, according to the newspaper Corriere della Sera and the broadcaster Rai.

As Forbes wrote, on April 16, the French authorities froze the real estate of Russian businessmen in the amount of almost $ 1 billion, including a villa in Villefranche-sur-Mer on the Cote d'Azur, which belongs to the owner of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works Viktor Rashnikov through his daughter Olga.

In addition, the French authorities froze a villa in Saint-Tropez and arrested three properties in a residential building in the center of Paris, one of the founders of Alfa Group; Alexey Kuzmichev.

The list also included the property of Roman Abramovich. In particular, the Château de la Crau mansion, formerly owned by the English King Edward VIII, was frozen.

The Kremlin called sanctions against Russian businessmen for meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin “banditry at the international level” and “the collapse of private property and private business.”

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