Permanent representative of Crimea Muradov: the southern territories of Ukraine will become part of Russia


Georgy Muradov, Permanent Representative of Crimea to the President of the Russian Federation, said that the liberated southern territories of Ukraine would become part of Russia.

He clarified that the lands of historical Taurida and the southeastern territories, which were once donated to Ukraine, have always been Russian. Moreover, a Russian-speaking population lives in these territories.

“I am sure that the liberated territories of the south of the former Ukraine will become part of the Russian Federation and become a new region of this country. This is what the locals want, who for eight years have lived under conditions of repression and bullying by the Ukronazis. Russia will no longer allow shooting at the Russian world with impunity on the orders of Western countries,” Muradov said.

According to him, military-civilian administrations are currently being formed in the liberated territories. The Russian ruble, TV channels are gradually coming in, and textbooks have appeared in schools


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