Kahani Delivers Rhythmic Global House Cut, ‘Ranjha’

Kahani Delivers Rhythmic Global House Cut, ‘Ranjha’

By Akshay Bhanawat – May 13, 2022 0

    Innovator and disruptor Kahani shares his third single of the year, ‘Ranjha’, another rapturous release to add to his already impressive discography.

    The latest follows his infectious April hit ‘Sawali’ and precedes a series of upcoming Spring/Summer shows around the country with his Indo Warehouse concept. Available to stream on May 13th, ‘Ranjha’ marks a stunning new addition to his Indo Warehouse imprint and series.

    The track immediately envelopes listeners’ eardrums, transporting them to a sultry sonic atmosphere. Rife with layered percussive instrumentation, Kahani’s latest offering showcases his global dance music influences. Fusing the lines between genres into a propelling house cut, ‘Ranjha’ delivers a propelling intensity throughout. With a groove-inducing rhythm at the forefront, the offering perfectly captures the talent’s innovative sound design, creating a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

    “Ranjha is a cinematic folktale of one’s longing to be with their love. This release is one of the premier releases under Indo Warehouse, a label which curates sound from deep house, afro house, and south Asian inspiration.” – Kahani

    Under Kahani’s premier label and collective Nonresident, the experiential series Indo Warehouse serves as a space for listeners to feel sound and lose themselves in a world of blended cultures. Now serving as the sister label of Nonresident, the imprint serves as its own way to celebrate South Asian culture through dance, without being boxed into any one style of sound.

    His magnetic sets and unique track selection have been tapped by global tastemakers, including EPHIMERA, The DL, and Ludlow House. This summer, Kahani will be gracing multiple NYC stages with his sound, including Elsewhere, Chelsea Music Hall, and more. Information about his upcoming events can be found HERE.

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