Foreign Ministry announces retaliatory expulsion of 24 Italian diplomats

Russia has declared 24 Italian diplomats persona non grata. Thus, the Foreign Ministry responded to the expulsion of employees of Russian diplomatic missions: in early April, the Italian authorities ordered 30 people to leave the country

Russia will expel 24 Italian diplomats as a response, RIA Novosti reported. at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Italian Ambassador to Russia, Giorgio Starace, was summoned to the ministry to announce response measures.

Italy declared 30 employees of the Russian diplomatic mission persona non grata in early April. Then, after the publication of reports about the events in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, a new wave of expulsions of Russian diplomats began. As stated in the Italian Foreign Ministry, the decision was made “in agreement with the partners.” and for “national security reasons.” At the time, the Russian Foreign Ministry promised “an appropriate response.”

Earlier, on May 18, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced retaliatory measures against the expulsions of Russian diplomats by France. The country's ambassador, Pierre Levy, “was strongly protested against the provocative and unsubstantiated decision.” France to declare 41 employees of Russian diplomatic institutions persona non grata.

As Le Figaro and BFM TV reported in early April, in early April the French authorities considered the activities of 30-35 employees “contrary to security interests”, and then in mid-April declared six more Russian diplomats persona non grata, suspecting them of working for intelligence agencies.

Now Russia has announced retaliatory measures, deciding to expel 34 French diplomats. In addition, the ambassadors of Spain and Sweden were summoned to the Foreign Ministry, RIA Novosti reported.

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