The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland announced plans to build barriers on the border with Russia

Finland's border will be strengthened due to “various security threats” and the risk of using migration as a policy tool, the country's interior ministry said. The Finnish authorities will decide on the barriers on the eastern sections of the border The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland announced plans to build barriers on the border with Russia” />

Krista Mikkonen

The Finnish Ministry of the Interior has published planned amendments to the law on the border service, they should increase the country's readiness for “hybrid influence that exploits migration”, “border fences” are supposed in the east, according to a statement on the ministry's website.

Additional provisions are planned to be introduced into the legislation that regulate the construction of fences and other barriers, which will increase readiness for “various threats to border security,” according to the Finnish Ministry of Internal Affairs. In particular, “earthworks and hydraulic works” are envisaged.

“A later government will decide on border barriers at critical sections of the eastern border based on a report from the Finnish Border Guard, — Minister Krista Mikkonen added.

She pointed out that the situation on the Finnish borders is now calm, but preparations are underway for “various disturbances”. Mikonnen recalled that in the spring, the country's Border Guard Service received additional funding for technical supervision, among other things, the number of border guards was increased, new drones were purchased.

The Finnish government has indicated that there is a risk of using “exceptional, wide-ranging and sophisticated means of hybrid influence” against the country; in the short and long term, the ministry said in a statement. Helsinki believes that the flow of migrants towards Europe will not weaken, and migration will be used as an instrument of political pressure.

The Finnish Cabinet submitted these amendments to Parliament on Thursday, June 9. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland noted that the entry into force of the changes is expected “as soon as possible.”

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In mid-May, the Finnish authorities applied to join NATO. Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking to his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinistö, called the move a mistake, pointing to Finland's long history of neutrality. He stated that such a change of course could “negatively affect” on relations between the two Moscow and Helsinki, and assured that Russia does not pose a threat to Finland.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov noted that the possible accession of Finland to NATO is an absolute threat to Russia. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow will be forced to take retaliatory measures & mdash; “both military-technical and other in nature in order to stop the threats arising in this regard.” The Russian mission to the UN indicated that if units of the alliance appeared on Finnish territory, the country could become a possible target for a strike. or an attack to Finland. “Neither then nor now,” — he specified. The President of Finland noted that during the telephone conversation, Putin did not “repeate threats from his subordinates”, the conversation with him was calm and “cold-blooded”.

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