Zelensky did not support the petition to lift the ban on the departure of men from Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky did not support the petition in which he was asked to lift the ban on leaving Ukraine for men from 18 to 60 years old, the corresponding answer is published on his website.

For men aged 18 to 60 years it is forbidden to leave Ukraine in connection with the introduction of martial law against the backdrop of a Russian special operation.

In his response to the petition, the Ukrainian leader said that the authorities plan to lift the restrictions only after the end of martial law.

Zelensky recalled that, in accordance with the country's Constitution, the right to freely leave the country's territory may be limited in a state of war or a state of emergency.

In May, a petition appeared on the website of the President of Ukraine with a request to lift the ban for the departure of men and to introduce the priority of conscription for volunteers, she gained the necessary 25 thousand votes for consideration by the head of state. Zelensky, commenting on the petition, said that the appeal should be submitted for consideration not to him, but to the parents of the dead soldiers.

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On May 30, Viktor Andrusiv, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, offered to let men of military age leave the country for money. According to him, the situation in Ukraine will drag on for a long time, so the country needs strength. And those who want to leave the country must pay $3–5 thousand for this.

Earlier, bills on criminal liability for illegal border crossing during martial law were submitted to the Verkhovna Rada. For those liable for military service, government officials and some other categories, it was proposed to introduce prison terms of up to 12 years if they do not have legal grounds for leaving.


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