Bloomberg learns about US support for increased purchases of fertilizers from Russia

Bloomberg: US is secretly supporting increased purchases of fertilizers from Russia The US is secretly promoting an increase in purchases of Russian-made fertilizers, sources told Bloomberg. Companies fear sanctions, fertilizer exports down 24% this year, threatening food crisis

Fertilizing rice fields with the help of aircraft in the Krasnodar Territory

U.S. officials are secretly stimulating agricultural and shipping companies to increase their fertilizer purchases from Russia amid sanctions and concerns about the risk of a global food crisis, Bloomberg reports citing sources.

The interlocutors of the agency indicated that banks, insurers and carriers are afraid of inadvertent violation of the rules and the introduction of restrictive measures against them for cooperation with Russian fertilizer producers. This led to a sharp reduction in supplies and affected the rapid rise in food prices.

Fertilizer exports from Russia this year fell by 24%, writes Bloomberg, noting that attempts to send Ukrainian products by rail to Europe have yielded modest results. due to the difference in gauge and other logistical problems.

According to the agency, US officials are surprised by the companies' precautionary measures and are in the paradoxical position of trying to find a way to encourage cooperation. Freight industry officials told Bloomberg that a more concerted international effort is needed to address concerns.

A U.S. representative attended UN-sponsored talks in Moscow in early June that dealt with shipments, the agency was told. sources, discussed topics that it was not decided not to make public, as this year's fertilizer shortage threatens to affect next year's crop.

The U.S. State Department said during a briefing in early June that it was working with Washington partners to “get about half of what Ukraine exports each month.” The head of the State Department's Office of Sanctions Coordination, James O'Brien, said, “Well, we're seeing a significant deficit.”

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In April, the European Union limited the import of Russian-made fertilizers: the quota for potassium chloride will be 837.57 thousand tons, while the quota for other fertilizers containing potassium will be 1.57 million tons. Restrictions were adopted by European countries and against the purchase of fertilizers from Belarus.< /p>

The United States did not impose restrictions on the export of grain and fertilizers from Russia, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the American envoy to the UN, said at the end of May, pointing out that “companies are a little nervous,” in connection with which Washington is ready to send “letters of guarantee” to encourage purchases amid fears of sanctions.

In late May, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured French leader Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz that Moscow was ready to increase exports fertilizers and agricultural products, however, this “will require the lifting of the relevant sanctions restrictions.”

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