The Kremlin called British articles about mobilization “pure fakes”

Russia does not plan to announce mass mobilization, this information is fake, Peskov said. So he commented on the data of The Guardian and Independent sources that this will be announced “just about”

Data from the British media about the intention to announce mass mobilization in Russia in the near future are fakes, said ” “Interfax” press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov.

“These are pure fakes”,— he emphasized.

Earlier plans to announce a mass mobilization in Russia were reported by The Guardian, Independent and Daily Record, citing sources among Western officials. According to the interlocutors of the publications, about this “just about” will be announced.

A similar assumption about the Kremlin's imminent intention to announce mobilization was given in mid-June by Bloomberg, citing high-ranking European officials. They noted that this decision is undesirable for the Kremlin, as it may raise doubts among Russians. Peskov called this information “false information stuffing.”

Data on the planned mobilization also appeared in the foreign media with reference to the words of officials before May 9th. In particular, CNN wrote about Putin's intention to officially declare war on Ukraine, which should allow Russia “to fully mobilize reserves.” The TV channel also cited a statement by British Defense Minister Ben Wallace on LBC: he suggested that Russia would soon announce mobilization and abandon the term “special operation” to describe what is happening in Ukraine. Wallace noted at the same time that he did not have the relevant information.

Peskov then rejected these statements, calling them nonsense. In response to a question about the likelihood of a declaration of war on May 9, he said: “Nikakova.”

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