Police Report Tamest Year At Burning Man 2022 With 16 Arrests And 1 Death

Police Report Tamest Year At Burning Man 2022 With 16 Arrests And 1 Death

By Melody Siganporia – September 14, 2022 0

    Burning Man made its return to Black Rock City for the 2022 edition and with it 80,000 attendees descended on the desert.

    While the ethos of the festival is more of an anything-goes and everyone can be themselves, basic safety is till enforced by the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office, which works with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to ensure the safety of attendees.

    As reported by SFGate, Sergeant Nathan Carmichael shared that this year was one of the tamest in his 21-year history with Burning Man and a total of 37 sworn personnel worked the event.

    It was a week of
    love and tears,
    heat and dust,
    growth and joy,
    discovery and acceptance,
    release and renewal.

    Safe journeys until next year. 🔥

    The Man burns, 2022 (photo by Manuel Pinto) pic.twitter.com/3Y2LQ6oBQF

    — Burning Man Project (@burningman) September 6, 2022

    While the 2020 and 2021 editions were canceled due to the pandemic, back in 2019, Burning Man had seen a total of 58 arrests while this year that number drastically dropped to only 16 arrests.

    The charges of these arrests included battery of substantial bodily harm, domestic battery, possession of controlled substance, obstructing of a police officer, battery, false statement, destroying or concealing evidence, possession of paraphernalia, battery on a protected person, sales of controlled substance and a bench warrant for a crime committed in 2019.

    The Sheriff’s Office could confirm one death. Judge John Everett Williams of Huntingdon, Tennessee died of natural causes.

    Burning Man has also set up a feedback form for Burners to report positive or negative feedback on interactions they had with law enforcement during the festival.

    Have any encounters with law enforcement in #BlackRockCity this year? We’d like to know about it! To share the experience of your interaction—positive or negative—please complete this form: https://t.co/Ew9l7mo6sX

    — Burning Man Project (@burningman) September 12, 2022

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