N3WPORT Drops New Single, ‘Shade Of You’ Featuring Babe. And Kevin Wolfe

N3WPORT Drops New Single, ‘Shade Of You’ Featuring Babe. And Kevin Wolfe

By Akshay Bhanawat – September 20, 2022 0

    N3WPORT offers up his first standalone single on Lost In Dreams Records with “Shade Of You,” featuring the mesmerizing vocals of babe. and Kevin Wolfe.

    Based out of Virginia Beach, N3WPORT has a knack for submerging fans in awe-inspiring melodic bass music. Give him a strong topline and he’ll never fail at stirring something deep within the soul. On “Shade Of You,” he has two incredible vocal talents at his disposal, roping in babe. and Kevin Wolfe to help him weave together a tale of two fateful lovers doing all that is in their power to avoid their inevitable end.

    Delivered as a duet, the singer-songwriters both take turns trying to sort through the bad hand they were dealt, trying to stop the bleeding from their hemorrhaging relationship.

    N3WPORT underlines the dialogue with intermittent snaps, soft snare hits, and acoustic guitar. As they continue to search for reassurance, the song breaks out into ostinato piano phrases and sweeping synth progressions, allowing them to bid some time before it all falls down.

    “‘Shade of You’ is a story of star crossed lovers; infatuated with each other, but knowing the end is near,” says N3WPORT. “The melodies play with both the romantic and the melancholy emotions of dealing with a relationship that will ultimately hurt you more than it provides for you, and how hard it can be to end that.”

    Hailing from Chesapeake, Kevin Wolfe harnesses a unique allure that has allowed him to stretch across the industry with songs that land somewhere between lo-fi hip hop to chill electronic. It’s a characteristic he shares with emerging vocalist babe., who originally featured on his bitter love ballad “Tiffany” back in 2020.

    N3WPORT recently touched down on Lost In Dreams with his take of Crystal Skies and MitiS’ touching collab “Gone,” as part of the former’s ‘Not Since When’ remix album from earlier in the year. The Virginia-based producer has graced some of the most credible labels in the game, with a prolific output that includes his three-track ‘Best Part of Me’ EP on SLANDER’s Heaven Sent.

    He’s also been hitting the road with some impressive shows, recently performing at the latest edition of the Moonrise Festival in August, and on his way to upcoming gigs in Washington, Ohio, and in his hometown at Peabody’s Nightclub. His debut single on Lost In Dreams arrives just in time for his forthcoming performance at the second annual Lost In Dreams festival taking place in Downtown Las Vegas at the end of September.

    N3WPORT’s new single “Shade Of You,” featuring babe. and Kevin Wolfe, is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records.

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