Glasgow Event Venue SWG3 Uses Body Heat From The Dancefloor To Create Renewable Energy

Glasgow Event Venue SWG3 Uses Body Heat From The Dancefloor To Create Renewable Energy

By Melody Siganporia – October 11, 2022 0

    Talk about getting innovative! Glasgow venue SWG3 just got a system that creates renewable energy by using the body heat created on the dancefloor!

    The heat created by the dancers’ bodies is piped and carried via a carrier fluid to 200m bore holes that can be charged like thermal batteries.

    The energy is then pumped back to the heat pumps which upgrade it to a suitable temperature and use it to heat/cool the venue.

    SWG3 is one of Scotland’s most distinctive independent venues. Formerly a galvanizers’ yard and a clutch of warehouses servicing the Clyde, it’s now a collection of atmospheric spaces alive with art, design, music, fashion, food, shopping and nightlife.

    David Townsend, founder of geothermal energy consultancy TownRock Energy, who designed the system, Bodyheat, told BBC News, “When you start dancing, medium pace, to the Rolling Stones or something, you might be generating 250W. But if you’ve got a big DJ, absolutely slamming basslines and making everyone jump up and down, you could be generating 500-600W of thermal energy.”

    Aiming for net-zero carbon emissions by 2025, this was definitely an investment and leap of faith by the venue. Three years in the making, the system cost over £600,000 to install, roughly 10 x what typical air conditioning for the space would have cost. But savings from energy bills is what will hopefully make the investment recoverable in about five years, depending on costs.

    SWG3 managing director Andrew Fleming-Brown said “If we can make it work here in this environment, there’s no reason why we can’t take it to other venues, not just here in Scotland and the UK, across Europe and further afield”

    Applauding the effort, Glasgow City Council convener for climate councilor Angus Millar said, “This is a fantastic scheme, where people really are making Glasgow greener – while having a great time. This innovative approach to reducing emissions and energy use at SWG3 is a great example of how we can all play our part in Glasgow becoming a net-zero city.”

    H/T – BBC

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