Justin Caruso Drops Groovy New Single “Fall Tonight”

Justin Caruso Drops Groovy New Single “Fall Tonight”

By Akshay Bhanawat – October 21, 2022 0

    Hot on the heels of his latest single “Your Move,” visionary record producer and DJ Justin Caruso returns with the groovy “Fall Tonight.”

    The new single drops October 21st via Nine Twenty Two.

    “Fall Tonight” has to be one of my favorite records ever. It’s so groovy and fun. This one came together after a series of writing sessions via zoom with Tayla Parx, Nicky Night Time, and me. Tayla wrote and delivered the vocals for us, and as you will hear, she is amazing in every way. Special shoutout to Micah Gordon who helped me get the production to maximum groovy-ness.” – Justin Caruso

    Pairing the velvety vocals of Tayla Parx and Justin Caruso’s carefully tuned production, “Fall Tonight” is a delectable dose of nostalgia, effervescent, melodic realms of EDM and progressive house.

    Dreamlike yet infectiously groovy, this fresh new single combines a striking balance of his signature danceable beats with a new flare. The raw lyrics and captivating rhythms create an atmospheric, soulful disco house cut that can be heard on multiple dance floors.

    Meant to spark a new chapter in his career, “Fall Tonight” oozes the new “Sounds of Justin Caruso” with a clear combination of influences from the sounds that defined his musical upbringing.

    Inspired by the music he grew up listening to, Caruso is putting a modern twist on classic Disco Soul songs we love and moving them into the dance space in a refreshing way. A toe-tapping house rhythm, of bubbly disco synths and soulful vocals combine for one absolutely beaming record.

    Justin Caruso is already known for his beloved enthusiastic and energy filled production style, with tracks like ‘Better With You’ embodying his signature sound. With Fall Tonight and the more recent ‘Your Move’ however, fans should drop all expectations, as these new singles stamp a creative new rift to Carusos’ ever-evolving sound. Expect more lively and danceable tracks from the producer within the upcoming year.

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