How To Use Music To Enrich The User Experience

How To Use Music To Enrich The User Experience

By Akshay Bhanawat – October 25, 2022 0

    If they really want to leave a deep mark on their slice of the market, but also in the hearts of consumers, every company today is called upon to make a decisive effort, a substantial change of course that will transport them directly to a new evolutionary phase in the relationship between brand and consumer.

    In fact, the consumer of the present is no longer like the consumer of the past, who was content to buy a product and use it for his or her immediate purposes: today, people expect much more from their target brands, and they demand that these companies be able to transcend the physicality of the product and offer something more valuable, more profound, something that is able to trigger strong emotions and positive impressions in the customer’s soul.

    In a nutshell, companies will increasingly have to create am immersive and engaging experience that is capable of capturing the consumer’s attention and projecting to him or her-even if only for a limited period of time-into an ecstatic dimension from which he or she will no longer wish to depart.

    Authentic engagement

    Companies have several ways to offer a great user experience: the most adept brands, from this point of view, manage to activate them not only at the time of the actual use of the product-experience but also before the sale and even afterward, at a later stage, when the purchase has already taken place and the consumer has already had a chance to touch the experience proposed by the brand.

    With the weapons provided by online communication, for example, brands can anticipate well in advance the fruition of their dream experience through the creation of special teaser content that encapsulates some of the foundational elements of the experience itself, and that will be given in advance to their audience to attract their attention and to increase the anticipation for the date of the actual market launch.

    This content will need to be deftly constructed, with a good balance of content, graphic, and sound elements, which will need to have some sort of common thread that ties them together coherently, and which can also manifest itself later, when the consumer can finally fully enjoy their shopping experience.

    In order to effectively immerse users in a certain conceptual universe, regardless of the relevant product category, brands have at their disposal a formidable weapon with almost assured success, which is music.

    By using appropriate soundtracks within the website, on social media or even in physical stores, or temporary shops, the potential consumer will be immediately projected into the brand’s galaxy, as if it were a real parallel dimension filled with all the distinctive elements of the brand in question.

    This will make even more sense as the Metaverse and virtual reality advance, which will also make possible new experiments focused on the virtual music experience.

    The role of hearing

    Auditory engagement, as opposed to visual or content engagement, has a much deeper ability to penetrate, because it imposes itself on the user’s attention without any effort on his or her part: in fact, the person only has to listen, allowing himself or herself to be lulled by the sweetness of the melody and its ability to transport him or her elsewhere, to other worlds, if only for a few minutes of ecstasy.

    The brand will therefore have to work hard to find songs and melodies for its communication, employing them whenever it wishes to engage its audience on a very deep level.

    Sound enrichment of the consumer experience can, of course, also take place online, within the various communication channels activated specifically by the company. On social media, sound effects can effectively characterize a video, a corporate content, while within the home page of the site they can amaze users with the immediacy of sound, with its pleasantness, capable of triggering smiles and good humor in anyone who hears them.

    It is no coincidence that many brands have already begun to enrich their site or services with a surprising amount of sound effects: some brands belonging to the world of online gambling, for example, continue to offer online casino games characterized by a very high aesthetic pleasantness – made possible by the graphics – and by an auditory enjoyability corroborated by the audio tracks that are activated during the different phases of the game, which contribute decisively to make the overall experience even more engaging and immersive.

    Some of these games, which include the best online casinos in India, have already enjoyed great success, and will most likely continue to do so in the future.

    There are several entertaining casino games with immersive and captivating soundtracks, and there are professionals who are committed to reviewing hundreds of operators to answer player questions regarding online casinos, from the most popular games to making deposits using Indian currency, to help players identify the finest places to play these games.

    Sometimes, a simple sound can change the course of an entire day, gently propelling us toward unique and always enjoyable experiences.

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