How To Use Music As An Antidote To Stress

How To Use Music As An Antidote To Stress

By Akshay Bhanawat – October 27, 2022 0

    All of us, in one way or another, have experienced periods of stress that tested our imperturbability, our natural serenity, plunging us into an abyss of sadness and frustration from which it seemed impossible to escape.

    It is undoubtedly quite a complex historical conjuncture for human beings, regardless of their nation of residence: the Covid-19 restrictions are still well etched in everyone’s memory, and in some cases still continue to reoccur with all their negative charge, confronting people directly with the ghosts of a recent past they should have already forgotten.

    Political instability and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have further raised the levels of tension to a threshold that has not been crossed in many, many years.

    In short, external circumstances and the peculiarities of the historical period in which we find ourselves seem to unquestionably favor the onset of symptoms related to anxiety, stress and depression, even for all those who are not personally involved in the conflict or in the latest, stubborn battles against the global pandemic.

    Sometimes, all it takes to trigger a wave of negative emotions in the human soul is to read the headline of a newspaper article, or to watch for a few minutes the latest edition of the news, on television or radio, or even through news streams posted online, on social media.

    The strength to fight back

    For all sensitive souls, a particularly horrifying piece of news, or an unpleasant event that one could not help but witness, can provoke serious bouts of anxiety that threaten to undermine their peace of mind for quite some time, generating negative thought associations and fostering the creation of self-destructive thoughts, almost always directed at oneself, in an attempt to find at all costs a culprit for a problematic situation that one cannot fully understand.

    The main problem, when one finds oneself in this situation, is that one often does not even have the strength to try to find a solution, to fight stress and depression in a stoic, ruthless manner, engaging in a fight to the death against that which prevents us from being serene and living our lives in total peace of mind.

    It is precisely then that people begin to lose control of themselves, beginning to neglect themselves and indulge in total laziness, spending much of the day in bed and taking refuge in some cases in the ephemeral comfort of alcohol, which has never really solved anyone’s problems.

    The first step to take, for those struggling with anxiety or depression, is to try to find a quick solution, voluntarily choosing to start fighting for the resolution of the problem themselves. The practical methods and ways out to curb the negative effects of stress are truly countless, so all you have to do is stop for a moment to reflect and plan a new strategy to regain your health and well-being.

    Have you ever heard of the healing power of music? Yes, that’s right, those sounds you distractedly listen to every day with your earbuds while walking down the street, or while riding the subway. Mindful listening to music can produce wonderful, totally unexpected results.

    Try this experiment: during your morning, if you are in your car on your way somewhere, throw on two or three of your favorite songs and start singing them at the top of your lungs for a few minutes.

    Five, six or seven hours later you will start to feel euphoric, without even knowing why. It is one of the natural antidotes to anxiety and stress, and it is rooted in the power of music.

    Mindful listening

    To achieve similar effects, of course, you can also indulge in listening to particularly pleasing songs or sound effects, such as those found online and on social media, while also letting yourself be carried away by extremely engaging melodies such as oriental and arabesque ones. Again, you should try to listen with all of yourself in a conscious and focused way.

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    To be happy, sometimes, you just need to turn your ear in the right direction.

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