Spanish Producer Odsen Shares Melodic House EP ‘Garden’s Edge’

Spanish Producer Odsen Shares Melodic House EP ‘Garden’s Edge’

By Akshay Bhanawat – November 2, 2022 0

    Monstercat Silk veteran Odsen returned to the label today with his euphoric EP, ‘Garden’s Edge.’

    The two-track package is a representation of one’s journey through life, with the title track conveying a youthful innocence characterized by bright chords, uplifting percussion, and the sounds of children playing throughout the bridges.

    “Retrospective” symbolizes the transitional perspective adults have on their early years with a darker timbre and progressive stylings. The Barcelona-based producer has become a staple in the melodic house realm, with this EP showcasing his knack for experimentation as he utilizes different textural elements to create an immserive musical experience.

    Odsen shares, “I loved experimenting while making ‘Garden’s Edge,’ I’m very happy with how it turned out.”

    ‘Garden’s Edge’ EP Tracklist

    1. Garden’s Edge
    2. Retrospective

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