Anoluxx Debuts New Single ‘REALM333’ With These Spotify Selections

Anoluxx Debuts New Single ‘REALM333’ With These Spotify Selections

By Akshay Bhanawat – November 3, 2022 0

    The brand new EP from Anoluxx and self-release project ‘Synthient’ is set to drop this year, and shrouded in mystery the anonymous producer has just revealed its first part.

    Single ‘REALM333’ is letting the music do the talking, with the record from the independent artist proving to have a style and technical prowess which won’t go unnoticed by its listeners.

    With more to come from the Anoluxx, and with very little information about them online, we caught up with them to find out the influences behind their brand new EP as well as the fresh sounds they’ve just unleashed.

    Check out their playlist below and be sure to grab a copy of ‘REALM333’ now.

    //DDoS – i_o

    i_o as an artist was and still is a massive inspiration towards everything I do. This track plays a huge role in the artist I am today.

    Kreisel & Carara – Model CK46

    It doesn’t get much weirder than CK46. This track is constantly hitting with wonky effects and complex patterns.

    T78 – Humans Love Me

    This song is pure chaos. It’s full of energy immediately from start to finish and always leaves me inspired to create something just as crazy.

    Mac N Dan & Jason Cluff – Right now

    The energy throughout this track is non-stop. Everything sounds extremely tight but it still has room to breathe in sections.

    Sabura – Katarze

    Sabura is a master of painting a picture with his music. This track is packed full of wide panning effects to give the listener a full range of everything going on.

    Julien Riess – On The Wire

    This track on the wire is raw but emotional. The variety of sounds and complex rhythms keep me intrigued throughout the entire song.

    ANNA – Journey to the underworld

    ANNA never disappoints with any of her music. This song has been on constant repeat since it was released. I am a big fan of minimal feeling mixed with the aggressive structure.

    MOTVS – Contrast

    MOTVS brings the energy. Contrast is one of those tracks I catch myself always being hooked on. There is always something different being introduced throughout the track that keeps things interesting and easy to listen to.

    Portax – You are the power

    The structure of this track has always kept me locked in and interested. The eery atmospheric effects make for a great visual representation.

    NUSHA – Fall Back

    NUSHA has been one of my favorite artists for years. Her newest release Fall Back quickly became my favorite song of the year with its minimal but aggressive feeling.

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