Tokyo Machine Unveils Video Game-Inspired Single “Galactical”

Tokyo Machine Unveils Video Game-Inspired Single “Galactical”

By Akshay Bhanawat – November 8, 2022 0

    Label veteran Tokyo Machine returned to Monstercat today with the electro-house single, “Galactical.”

    Paying tribute to his favorite childhood video game, Tokyo Machine takes listeners on an out-of-this-world odyssey with his signature 8-bit beats and unearthly bass drops.

    Leveling up his punchy production with a string of vibrant releases on the label, he continues to build a strong relationship with his fanbase through his Twitch streams and Discord chats.

    Tokyo Machine shares, “Possessed by a lifeforce from space, yet the crew shall prevail – it’s quantum-guaranteed! If you somehow know which video game these lyrics come from, you might be the only other person in the world who played it. Welcome to the nerd zone.”

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