Top 5 Space Video Games

Top 5 Space Video Games

By Akshay Bhanawat – November 8, 2022 0

    Since the 1970s, space games have proven to be some of the best-selling computer games.

    Still, this genre regularly overtakes popular racing games and shooters.

    The cold emptiness of space has long attracted the authors of different fantastic works. The infinity of space gives scope for the most daring fantasies unlike fantasy worlds, which, with all their diversity, still exist according to the general canons of the genre.

    Today, you can enjoy space video games online on Game Karma or download your favorite games to your appliance.

    The best space video games are:

    • Star Trek Online
    • Elite Dangerous
    • Distant Worlds: Universe
    • Kerbal Space Program
    •Dead Space

    Star Trek Online

    This game is always included in all top lists of space games. Fans of Star Trek will appreciate the pilgrimage through the missions of past versions, the feature to buy branded merchandise without leaving this space game, and the ability to play browser games online for free.

    Today, it is one of the most famous MMORPGs, so if you are seriously thinking about how to become a successful streamer, take a closer look at it. Most likely, you will need a nickname generator in the game and a little imagination to come up with a tag.

    Elite Dangerous

    In Elite Dangerous, you will be given sole control of a spaceship. You will be able to explore new planets on board a dune rover to indulge your inner adventurer. In addition, the game offers an open game world, which will allow you to feel like the ruler of the galaxy and even practice how to create your own game story.

    Distant Worlds: Universe

    Distant Worlds: Universe is a timeless classic of space games. The genre of this game is closer to the online strategy game on a PC, where you can immerse yourself in the mission to build your own intergalactic empire.

    The game has an interesting feature: if you get tired of space shooters, you can leave the air combat to artificial intelligence and focus on exploring the universe.

    Kerbal Space Program

    The Kerbal Space Program was written exclusively for those who have long dreamed of working for NASA. The task here is not so much in space exploration as in getting there. Well, realistic graphics will delight experts.

    It is one of the best space simulators, in which you can create your own rockets and aircraft that can break through the earth’s atmosphere and reach the moon or land on modular space stations.

    Dead Space

    The game is a combination of the sub-genre of space survival horror games and traditional space shooters. According to the plot of the game, the main character is stuck at the railway station and, unfortunately, not completely alone.

    Here, every corner is teeming with carnivorous creatures, but an industrial laser will help you survive in the battle with them. A static picture in the background quickly bothers many, but here, the goal of the developers was to create a claustrophobic effect.

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