PARIS Unveils Heady Double Release “Mangata/Dreamstate”

PARIS Unveils Heady Double Release “Mangata/Dreamstate”

By Akshay Bhanawat – November 9, 2022 0

    Australian-born DJ and producer PARIS is fast becoming a stand out act in the realms of melodic techno and deep house, cultivating a united strain of the two genres and breeding it with contemporary sensibilities.

    Making her debut on Lane 8’s This Never Happened last year featuring Kaleida with her “10 Years From Now/Collide” double release, the burgeoning talent now returns to the esteemed imprint with her latest opus, “Mangata/Dreamstate”. The dual offering is out now via Lane 8’s This Never Happened.

    The two-tracker opens with “Mangata”; a cerebral slice of deep tech bliss that thrills and soothes in equal measure. Employing an 80’s synth line to lead the melodic charge, PARIS layers her elements to stunning effect, creating harmonious dichotomy between her top lines and tribal-infused beats. Delicate industrial timbres fill the percussive space, adding a deeply rich texture to the production.

    Masterfully arranged from start-to-finish, and with intrigue around every corner, “Mangata” makes for a profoundly hypnotic and rapturous listening experience that showcases PARIS’ resolute commitment to progression and originality.

    The storyline continues with PARIS’ b-side, “Dreamstate”. Founded on meditative percussion and an intoxicating melodic sequence, the cut ebbs and flows with unbound euphony, wavering between strict tempos and long cinematic breaks. Utilising space and simplicity, PARIS rejects the traditional formatting of dance music, opting for a techno cut that is more subdued in nature; subtle yet intricate in its undergrowth.

    Presenting a sound that is discernibly her own, PARIS has nurtured her sonic palette in recent years and placed great importance on cultivating authenticity across her back-catalogue, with this brand new double release serving as yet further proof of her impending rise to dance music royalty.

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