Cloudcage Signs To Monstercat And Reunites With Feathervane For Melodic House EP ‘Nimbus’

Cloudcage Signs To Monstercat And Reunites With Feathervane For Melodic House EP ‘Nimbus’

By Akshay Bhanawat – November 12, 2022 0

    Multi-genre producer Cloudcage signed to Monstercat today and reconnected with Monstercat Mix Contest alumnus Feathervane to release their downtempo EP, ‘Nimbus.’

    While spending his days inside fighting a battle against T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Cloudcage found himself enamored with the way clouds drift through the sky and how the sun shines through them.

    Bringing these sights to life on the four-track package with Feathervane, the duo’s synergetic sound design echoes through the title track, followed by “Arcus” rife with atmospheric pads and ambient instrumentals. Closing the package solo, “Cirrus” and “Drift” set the tone for a meditative experience with soothing synths and rain effects. The burgeoning artists have each seen a year of growth, with this EP cementing them as ones to watch in 2023.

    Cloudcage shares, “To me, there’s nothing quite as serene and calming as watching clouds drift across the sky. I wrote the songs on ‘Nimbus’ inspired by that feeling, as it helped me through some rough times. I hope these songs can bring you a sense of tranquility – just as the clouds do to me.”

    Feathervane adds, “Many of the kind members of the Monstercat community have been asking us to collaborate again ever since Silk joined the family. We’re beyond excited to finally answer their calls. ‘Nimbus’ is our love letter to everyone who has supported us over the years, across aliases and labels, and through the clear skies and the cloudy ones.”

    ‘Nimbus’ EP Tracklist

    1. Nimbus (Cloudcage & Feathervane)
    2. Arcus (Cloudcage & Feathervane)
    3. Cirrus
    4. Drift

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