Swavé Reveals New Original Single “Perros”

Swavé Reveals New Original Single “Perros”

By Akshay Bhanawat – November 19, 2022 0

    Swavé returns with an infectious and upbeat Latin-infused house track, “Perros” sure to have you up and dancing immediately.

    Following his fiery tracks “ME DICEN (HOLY MOLE)” and “MOVE ON YOU (NERVOUS),” Swavé’s newest single drops on November 18th via There Is A Light Records.

    “With Perros, I wanted to fuse tech house elements with reggaeton elements. You can hear reggaeton drums throughout the track alongside classic house hi hats and claps, accompanied with a very interesting shaker/hat background loop.”

    Jam-packed with infectious energy, “Perros” is one to get the party going and lasting. The Archer, President and founder of There Is A Light Records, continues to showcase a keen eye for talent, simply stating “being that we were already fans of his music, we knew immediately that Swavé’s track ‘Perros’ would expand our label’s sound to reflect my varied personal taste in music.”

    The pairing between TIAL and Swavé couldn’t be more perfect. One of the fastest growing house/techno labels in the world pushing forth a dynamic, emerging artist who is making waves in the global house/techno music movement.

    “Perros” is an attention-grabber, combining lively drums, recorded dog bark samples, and a raucous Latin vocal for a lively, blockparty ready jam.

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