Kash Trivedi Brings Future Rave To India With His New EP Titled ‘Karnavati’

Kash Trivedi Brings Future Rave To India With His New EP Titled ‘Karnavati’

By Akshay Bhanawat – November 20, 2022 0

    Kash Trivedi releases his new EP titled ‘Karnavati’ as a surprise for fans.

    The EP consists of one main track and one festival mix. Both versions use the same vocal, however, the sound is very different from one another. One is an Upstage Future Rave version and the other being a Big Room version.

    The track begins with classic future rave drums, before we hear the old school trance brought back during the breakdown before thumping into the low-end thump of the track. A crucial aspect of the second song is the big room sound inspired by artists such as KSHMR. There is no doubt that it is the music of today, as well as the first-ever future rave track ever released by the Indian label Lohit Records. Both tracks have the potential to make the dance floor go wild.

    Throughout the track, the artwork depicts the state of mind we are in at the time.

    As one of the most popular DJs in India, Kash Trivedi has shattered the horizons of House music. With his unique sense of wickedness, he blends breaks, glitches, and house music in ways that transcend all musical boundaries.

    Whenever he performs, Kash creates a brand-new atmosphere of Indian electronic harmonies that enslaves the clubgoers. It was through his participation in several local and national events that he advanced experimental and eclectic sounds in an interactive environment.

    It was KASH’s desire to produce music that led him to the music production scene. Aside from collaborations with prominent artists, he has remixed Paul Thomas, Stan Kolev, and released the official Ecuador remix for DJ Sash! And also did a remix of ‘Touch Me Now’ for Legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold!

    The music he creates is a fusion of various sounds such as rising beats, spiking emotions, grooving bodies, and changing moods. Whether you are up for dancing, or mellow appreciation of the beats, believe KASH makes the music sound better.
    He says,

    “All I can think of is music. The beats and the harmonies keep playing themselves in my mind even when I am asleep. And I love to bring it all out and convert those sounds into compelling compositions.”

    With insatiable passion and a burning desire to create breakthrough musical experiences, KASH is all set for the next level.

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