T.H.E Interview – Terry Golden

T.H.E Interview – Terry Golden

By Akshay Bhanawat – December 18, 2022 0

    DJ and music production master Terry Golden hits back with another banger.

    This time, he shares ‘Speak Up’ and uplifting and fresh track that will surely break new records for this talented artist.

    Opening a new chapter in his career, marking a new sound exploration with the same powerful characteristic of Terry Golden’s music, ‘Speak Up’ is ready to become the DJ’s next hit.

    We sat down with Terry Golden as he talked about the behind-the-scenes process of ‘Speak Up’.

    T.H.E – Hi Terry Golden, how are things going?

    Terry Golden – All good, as I am very happy to have ‘Speak Up’ out finally. This track I made maybe 12 months ago.

    T.H.E – You recently released ‘Speak Up’, what kickstarted the idea behind the track?

    Terry Golden – ‘Speak Up’, I made just after I released ‘Illusion’. ‘Illusion’ was my first Melodic Techno track, and at that point I was mainly releasing Big Room / Future in style. ‘Illusion’ was the first turning point, and it did very well, so ‘Speak Up’ was actually meant to be a summer track, but as it turns out, it became an autumn / winter track instead.

    T.H.E – Which part of the song did you start with first?

    Terry Golden – Melody / Hook that happy synth going on. I had it for a while, but together with the vocal, it just made perfect sense.

    T.H.E – What element or sound of the track you’d say is signature Terry Golden?

    Terry Golden – Actually, this one, is a bit outside my normal comfort zone, but it’s part of my new sound, which is very much focused around the melody, and still has some energy. But if you listen, the lead synth, I use a preset, which I used on other tracks before this one.

    T.H.E – How long did it take you to finish the production?

    Terry Golden – Beside the hook, which I made earlier, it was super-fast. I got the vocals and I expect all came together during one session in the studio. Then a bit of mix and master, so maybe 8 hours.

    T.H.E – Can you describe ‘Speak Up’ with 3 words?

    Terry Golden – Happy dance vibes.

    T.H.E – What would you like to achieve with this release?

    Terry Golden – My aim was to leverage the successful release I had with ‘Illusion’, and to hit a bigger target group, as it’s a lot more radio listening friendly than my past Big Room tracks.

    T.H.E – Are there any new genres you’d like to try next?

    Terry Golden – Yes, and we are just talking about trying. After ‘Illusion’ and ‘Speak Up’, I simply decided that I would follow my heart, and go after my favorite kind of music genre, and that is Melodic Techno & House / Progressive. So, I made a whole lot of new music in this style, which will be future releases starting from 2023. So, the future of Terry Golden is more Progressive and Melodic, in whatever I do (Releases, Live performance or radio).

    T.H.E – With which artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?

    Terry Golden – CamelPhat would be my dream… to make a track with these great guys, same goes for Tale of Use.

    T.H.E – What’s next for Terry Golden?

    Terry Golden – Just signed a bunch of my new music to one of the big labels, and very exciting news about live performance also coming soon, so 2023 is looking very good.

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