Will Vocal Training Improve Your Singing Voice?

Will Vocal Training Improve Your Singing Voice?

By Akshay Bhanawat – December 26, 2022 0

    It is probably fair to say that the vast majority of people enjoy music in at least some form.

    And music isn’t only something that entertains, it is also well documented that it can be used in therapy, and improve mood.

    There are various health benefits from singing, and it can give anyone an emotional lift. It can aid physical health, but also boost mental wellness also.

    Of course, not everyone is pitch-perfect, and your pleasure may be someone else’s aural pain. Therefore many people including professionals sometimes need some help to reach the next level and improve their singing techniques.

    Who can you approach for vocal training?

    If you are at school then there is no harm in approaching your music teacher for some guidance, but there are alternatives in the private sector that specialize in vocal training.

    When looking for help with developing vocals, you may encounter several terms. These include vocal coaches, singing teachers, voice teachers, and voice trainers.

    These titles are often used to cover the same areas, but they can relate to different skills. So, it is worth checking out what teaching plans one of these coaches is offering and what services. Some may be in the business of teaching students to sing, while others help to develop someone who already sings.

    For instance, a review of the guide at SingingSuccess.com shows the vocal coaches there work on developing harmony, range, and technique, among other aspects of singing.

    Is there a limit to how good your singing can become?

    The ideal for most singers would be to reach the pinnacle and become a star. For many individuals, being able to perform professionally to some degree would be desirable enough. Unfortunately, not everyone is good enough to work at these levels.

    According to Artist Revenue Streams, it is almost impossible to work out how many musicians are in the USA. Data USA puts the figure at 142,000 which includes related workers, but other sources put the number of musicians and singers at anywhere between 23,000 and 43,000 approximately.

    Reaching the levels required to sing professionally needs coaching and hard work, regardless of what natural ability you may possess. However, voice coaching can see improvements in many ways.

    Singers can reach a certain level and struggle to advance. A voice coach cannot work miracles, but they can help students to master harmony, learn about vibrato, and gain more range.

    Even professionals such as Taylor Swift have approached and used vocal coaches. And this shows why music education is important to the industry. There is always the need for practice, and honing singing techniques, even when you sell millions of albums.

    What areas would you expect improvements in with vocal training?

    You should be able to see a list of vocal programs when you approach a new coach, and it is worth asking about testimonials. Their website will normally have testimonials displayed, and the services offered.

    One of the ways singers make money is through teaching. You could expect to find experienced singers who wish to impart their knowledge and help others bring more music into the world.

    Vocal programs may include all or some of the following:

    How to mix head and chest voice
    How to master harmony
    Mastering vibrato
    Learning to build range
    Vocal therapy

    The latter is an important area for singers. It is possible to lose your voice through illness or overstraining. A vocal coach will advise on how and when to rest your voice, and exercises to restore vocal flexibility.

    They may have added value material on their site for vocal hacks, and other online tutorials also.

    Mixing chest and head voice

    Head voice refers to the higher end of your vocal range, while chest voice covers both mid and lower ranges. Vocal training can help you to learn how to mix these.

    Mastering harmony

    If you wish to develop as a singer then you need to master harmony. This involves acclimating the ear and being able to hear and identify notes between chords.

    Mastering vibrato

    This involves you being able to alternate between two similar pitches swiftly and is a vital skill for anyone looking for a career as a singer.

    Building range

    This can help singers to hit higher notes than they are used to. Building range can help you to add an octave to your voice. This involves tried and proven exercises to stretch your singing voice at both ends of your range safely.


    You might not reach the levels you aspire to, but using vocal training with the right coach should see definite improvements. Range building and mastering harmony are essential areas for any budding singer to cover, and a coach will help here.

    Perhaps the most important thing for any singer is just to enjoy the gift they have, and how much good it can do to their wellness just to belt out songs whenever they can. Although your audience might appreciate you getting a little vocal coaching.

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