The Album Tracklist For ILLENIUM’s Upcoming Self Titled Album Was Leaked By An Unlikely Source

The Album Tracklist For ILLENIUM’s Upcoming Self Titled Album Was Leaked By An Unlikely Source

By Melody Siganporia – January 29, 2023 0

    An Urban Outfitters shop page, that has now been deleted, ended up becoming the source to leak the 16-track tracklist for ILLENIUM’s fifth self titled studio album.

    Confirming a number of massive collaborations, even though now deleted, ILLENIUM himself confirmed the accuracy of the tracklist.

    While just recently, ILLENIUM revealed the release date of the album and the accompanying world tour it looks like Urban Outfitters will be selling the exclusive ‘orange and black splattered vinyl’ as part of a limited run of 1000 copies only.

    Urban Outfitters just leaked the tracklist for the new ILLENIUM album 👀

    — illeniumINTEL (@illeniumINTEL) January 27, 2023

    While Illeniumintel on Twitter initially discovered and shared the tracklist showing off 16 tracks featuring collaborations with Skylar Grey, Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker to name just a few, ILLENIUM himself chimed in all but confirming the authenticity of the tweet simply saying “Way to go UrbanOutfitters.” He also went further to share that this tracklist was not fully up to date, since Said The Sky wasn’t credited on “Other Side” which is what made him mad.

    Way to go @UrbanOutfitters 🤣🤣

    — ILLENIUM (@ILLENIUM) January 28, 2023

    I’m kinda mad but what can ya do. Mainly cuz @SaidTheSky isn’t credited in “other side” tho lol.

    — ILLENIUM (@ILLENIUM) January 28, 2023

    The album, which ILLENIUM himself described as “ the core sound of who I am” and “something that truly feels fresh,” is set to officially release on April 28th, 2023 and can be pre-saved here.

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