Geju Unveils, ‘Horizon Problems’

Geju Unveils, ‘Horizon Problems’

By Akshay Bhanawat – February 10, 2023 0

    Geju have dropped a dark and compelling organic house album on the Kiosk I.D. record label that features seven of their original tracks.

    Focused on downtempo grooves, each of the tracks have an unnerving mood that is carried by waves of organic percussion. Sitting somewhere between indie dance and organic house the release is full of haunting atmosphere and techy percussion.

    Coming via the Kiosk I.D. record label that’s run by the team behind Berlin nightclub Kater Blau, it’s a thought-provoking release that is well suited to the dance floor while also having all the ingredients for home listening.

    Its spine-chilling atmosphere is created by ambient sounds washed in reverb and there is also some digitised processing that create contrast with the organic textures of the percussion. Synths are used for creating pads and basslines rather than melodies, and it’s the percussions relationship with the shrouded atmospherics that develops as the main focus of the album.

    Some of the DJs who have shown support for the album include the likes of Acid Pauli, Rampa and Be Svendsen. It’s a well programmed, creative release, and you can buy it from HERE.

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