Imano Unveils ‘La Llama’ Featuring Remixes From Super Flu, Sasha Carassi And Vander

Imano Unveils ‘La Llama’ Featuring Remixes From Super Flu, Sasha Carassi And Vander

By Akshay Bhanawat – February 18, 2023 0

    “La Llama” is the new single by Inámo on the trueColors record label.

    There are three different versions of the original produced by Inámo plus an impressive selection of remixes by other artists. Super Flu, Sasha Carassi and Vander all put their stamp on ‘La Llama’ to complete the 6-track release.

    Inámo is based in America’s New York City where he is known as a DJ, promoter and music director. He is also a skilled producer who has a deep and melodic style that’s filled with organic sounds.

    Super Flu will be what draw many people to this release, as they are one of the most innovative melodic house/techno artists out there.

    They have released on labels ranging from Embassy One to Crosstown Rebels, and have a style that fuses quirky melodies with tribal rhythms.

    Sasha Carassi was previously known for his pumping techno tracks on labels like Drumcode, but he has reinvented his sound these last few years and is now a respected melodic house producer with music on labels including Solomun’s Diynamic and John Digweed’s Bedrock.

    Vander is relatively new on the scene, but has been building a reputation for his indie dance tracks on the likes of Klassified and Happy Camper Records.

    ‘La Llama’ (Vocal Mix) opens the release with its swelling synth, organic percussion and spoken word Spanish vocals. ‘La Llama’ (Still Burning) mix strips back some of the more dramatic tribal percussion to focus on the atmospherics. ‘La Llama’ (Still Burning) (Dub) removes the spoken word vocal to focus on the melodic flow of the groove.

    Super Flu show off their prowess with a standout remix that keeps some of the original’s tribal percussion and a snippet of the vocal. They work in their own synth line and create a flowing groove that’s both techy and melodic.

    Sasha Carassi removes much of the original percussion and adds rippling synth pads to create an epic version with cosmic vibes. It’s sat somewhere between progressive house and melodic techno which makes it the most up-tempo track on the release.

    Vander closes out the release by stripping back much of the original’s percussion to focus on the synths, but leaves the hi-hat to ensure its shuffling rhythms add energy to his remix.

    You can buy a copy HERE.

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