The Top 10 Most Popular Electronic Dance Music-Hyped Video Games

The Top 10 Most Popular Electronic Dance Music-Hyped Video Games

By Akshay Bhanawat – February 23, 2023 0

    EDM is a fantastic musical genre that can stand alone, energizing listeners and freeing them from mundane, repetitive life.

    Yet, in recent years, it has been heavily incorporated into gaming soundtracks and even gaming elements.

    Such ironic that a “repetitive” beat should be anything but monotonous in and of itself. An evening spent at an electronic dance music concert is upbeat, thrilling, and healthy for the soul. For many, a DJ session or a compilation at home on a weekend night with (girl)friends is where the allure of EDM starts and stops. It only needs to be a simple, enjoyable musical experience for you to enjoy and accept.

    This isn’t to say that electronic dance music has no effect on other forms of media; it does. EDM basslines can be heard in the backdrop of sequences in some of the greatest action movies ever made, and electronic dance music has even been used in TV series.

    There were many memorable EDM-infused sequences in the excellent American television series Breaking Bad, notably the one from season five wherein Walter White buys a new automobile for himself and his son while dancing to the sounds of Bonfire by Knife Party.

    Video games fall under the same category, if not more so. The demand for better audio in video games has increased along with technology to the point where Dance Music Northwest hypothesized that video games may have contributed to the development of electronic dance music.

    Everything in the modern day, from console launches to mobile online slots, needs a solid soundtrack to keep gamers interested. Neon Rush Splits and Neon Pyramid are just two examples of the many games on Foxy Games with good EDM-inspired soundtracks. Both include disco-inspired aesthetics, powerful bass rhythms, and corresponding soundtracks. Some games, like Beat n Furious for Android and iOS, even use electronic dance music as their primary gameplay mechanic. Fortunately, the sound quality on mobile devices has improved to the point where it is on par with that of a TV or home audio, making EDM on apps crisp and concise.

    Naturally, console game makers have also employed electronic dance music to enhance the atmosphere and excitement of their games. These days, video game music is frequently sold separately, and prizes are given out for the greatest game soundtrack. These games are fantastic examples of EDM being used in popular console games, even though they may not have received any awards.

    We’ll discuss some of our favorite video games with outstanding electronic music soundtracks in this article. For a full-on rave, fire up one of these and put on the strobes in your living room.

    Rocket League

    When Rocket League first came out in 2015, many thought it was a silly game where you could drive around and smash a ball while trying to score a goal whilst spinning through the air. But it was merely one of those titles that appealed to those who were competitive.

    Significant collaboration, accurate ball striking from the angle to the component of the vehicle used, and quick steering were all necessary. Rocket League quickly rose to the top of the list of eSports’ most played games, as well as the most-wagered eSports disciplines at Internet bookies here. It’s the sole sports game to rank among the top 10 eSports prize pools. EDM has a lot to do with it.

    This well-liked soccer game’s creators have collaborated with the Monstercat electronic music record label. Through this collaboration, Rocket League has expanded its track catalog to include a variety of well-known dance music artists. Dion Thimmer, Deadmau5, and Skrillex are some of the musicians. Also, for a complete rave vibe, the player’s car can have Deadmau5’s distinctive logo attached to the side.

    Mortal Combat

    Since its initial debut in the 1990s, Mortal Kombat has stirred up controversy. It has included a lot of electronic music songs in its soundtracks over the course of its decades-long existence, including his legendary, acid-inspired “Techno Syndrome” anthem from 1994. Over the years, the video game has also included tracks from well-known dance music artists like Skrillex, who have served as the soundtrack for Dmitri Vegas and other characters.


    Although having EDM serve as the theme song for a racer set in the far future may seem a little out of place, it’s nonetheless enjoyable to play. The Chemical Brothers, Orbital, and Dillon Francis are just a few of the musicians whose music is featured in Wipeout games to get you revved up as you try to dash to the finish line.

    Hotline Miami

    Not for the weak of heart, this game. It’s a shooter with a good amount of violence as well as lots of electronic dance music and artificial sounds. This action-packed game’s soundtrack features musicians such as Perturbator and Jasper Byrne, which helps to up the intensity.

    Zone of the Enders

    Zone of the Enders features an incredible collection of EDM songs and is a cult classic that deserves more exposure than it currently obtains. The game’s soundtrack is made up of early 2000s electronic music songs that can now be referred to as “nostalgic” because of when it was published. Zone of the Enders’ soundtrack was restored and made available as a stand-alone album in 2012.


    The music that comes with Minecraft is the ideal accompaniment to the gameplay. Many people think that the soundtrack, which was created by C418 (a German music producer) for the entire game, is what made it so famous. Actually, the music is so well-liked that there have been virtual music festivals conducted in the game’s world; electronic music fans are sure to fall in love with this one right away.

    DJ Hero

    The basic rules of DJ Hero are the same as those of its sibling title, Guitar Hero. Thus, the distinction is that DJ Hero was created with an emphasis on EDM. Deadmau5 and Skrillex, two playable characters in the game, are among the musicians whose smash hits players control on a turntable and mixer. This game was created to allow players to totally submerge themselves in the role of their favorite musicians, and it succeeds in doing so magnificently. Everything about it is interactive.

    Dance Dance Revolution

    What can you anticipate from a dancing-focused video game? There’s a ton of electronic music. Users of the interactive game Dance Dance Revolution can rock out to a wide variety of electronic music tunes while pressing buttons on a pad with their feet. The buttons in this game will glow in a way that allows players to mimic the experience of swaying in a rave. Dance Dance Revolution was a pioneer in the rhythm gaming industry.

    Jet Set Radio

    Most people in the gaming industry agree that the soundtracks to the popular Japanese video game franchise Jet Set Radio are among the best of all time. These soundtracks all have a ton of electronic music to help players feel pumped up. The goal of this game is to have players skate across a futuristic version of Tokyo while jamming out to their preferred electronic tracks. This game can serve as a wonderful substitute for a rave.

    Kingdom Hearts III

    Japanese musician Hikaru Utada composed and performed the music for each Kingdom Hearts game. Utada chose to collaborate with electronic music artist Skrillex on the third installment of this well-liked series, and the two of them came up with “Face My Fears”, the catchy title song for this extensive, action role-playing game. The electronic music and gaming worlds hailed the track and the game as instant masterpieces.

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