Duckworthsound And Dread MC Release ‘DND Connection’ Compilation

Duckworthsound And Dread MC Release ‘DND Connection’ Compilation

By Akshay Bhanawat – March 4, 2023 0

    Under the careful curation of BIJOU, Do Not Duplicate Recordings continues to defy the boundaries within house music and creates a space in the electronic dance scene that is entirely unique.

    Continuing to expand and grow with each passing year, DND Recs is pleased to announce the release of their highly-anticipated compilation album curated by London-based DJ and producer Duckworthsound and renowned Bristol-based micman Dread MC, ‘DND Connection’. Featuring a plethora of sonically diverse offerings that span across the various dynamic and energetic sub-genres of UK sounds, the ‘DND Connection’ Compilation is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Do Not Duplicate Recordings.

    A true celebration of UK dance music culture, the ‘DND Connection’ compilation showcases the vibrant and eclectic sounds that have come to define the bass-house genre. Offering a refreshingly distinctive soundscape, the unique collection includes 9 original tracks from the likes of Kyogre, Albzzy, Cheery-O, AnnicK, and more, as well as a collaboration from Duckworthsound, Dread MC, and AK Renny.

    “I spent a couple of months away from my productions just to clear my head and come back with some fresh ideas – when I finally sat back down to produce I must have sat there for 10-14 hours at a time just getting lost in productions and new ideas for days on end.” -Duckworthsound

    “Creativity was flowing in abundance when we all came together to make this banger. What makes this track so special is 3 artists connected instantly and made something full of energy and vibes in regards to going out and having fun” – Dread MC

    Duckworthsound, Dread MC, and AK Renny kick off the compilation with their hard-hitting collaboration ‘Lose Yourself’. Setting the tone for the compilation, the high-energy bass-house banger features a propelling bassline and driving beats, perfectly paired alongside Dread MC’s vocals.

    Bad Patterns follows with ‘Wake Up’, a vibrant bass-house cut that features a sultry vocal sample and a warm, pulsating bassline. The third offering sees Kyogre deliver ‘Right Left’, a funky, upbeat production rife with a catchy rhythm and a soulful vocal chop reminiscent of a more aggressive approach to tech-house.

    “After getting in touch with Duckworth and Dread MC, we came up with the idea of incorporating two different vocalists (one female and American, one male and English) in a call-and-response-like style over a UK bass-line track. The lyrics describe the desire to have more nights of partying and raving, while also losing yourself to the nightlife.” – AK Renny

    “Made this in the Lockdown and it was one of the first house tunes I made and was missing DJing so wanted to create something that took me back to being in the club.” – Bad Patterns

    Continuing the compilation’s atmospheric ethos, Albzzy and PENFLD join forces for ‘One More Time’. Tapping Joshua Blu for vocal duty, the hard-hitting industrial-strength production features pounding four-on-the-floor beats and menacing synth lines. A distorted vocal chop captures the listener’s attention before the jolting soundscape encompasses the track.

    Moving onto Cheery-O’s ‘Wrong Number’, a dark, brooding bass-house track that boasts a hypnotic rhythm, stuttering beats and massive synth work. Serving a transmittable fire through the ears, the glitchy production packs quite the sonic punch. Transporting listeners to a trippy soundscape, 1997’s ‘Object’ is next. Kicking off with a pumping bassline and gritty synth lines, topped with a haunting vocal sample, ‘Object’ serves as a rousing addition to the ‘DND Connection’ compilation.

    “Wrong Number” is a dark bass house tune led by a catchy noisy lead and a powerful 808. With this tune, you come from a depth airy break to go into an energetic drop. Are you ready for the bass face?” – Cherry-O

    “”Object” is another hard, carefully crafted, energy-filled track from myself in my signature style where I’ve once again combined dark and eerie atmospheres, hard-hitting distorted drums, and evil-sounding, detuned basses, aimed to create an uneasy sense of mystery on the breakdowns, while still providing hard, pumping dancefloor energy on the drop.” – 1997

    Rimbano and AnnicK link up for their high-energy collaboration ‘All Night’. Bringing forth a palpable, raw energy from start-to-finish, the bouncy endeavor features pulsating bass, a rich, textured piano riff and an infectious vocal cut. KnightBlock’s explosive offering ‘Cold Blooded’ follows, pulling listeners into a dimension of hard-hitting percussion and undeniable groove. Dirty basslines, gritty synths, and electrifying drops dominate the high-octane production alongside MC Kane’s vocals. Jerre’s ‘UNDERGROUND’ rounds out the compilation – adding a techy groove to the mix, the endlessly playable production audibly boasts driving basslines, thumping kicks and a commanding vocal chop.

    Rising London-based DJ and producer Duckworthsound has been making waves in the dance music scene with his high-energy bass-house productions. His energetic style and unique sound design has seen his releases find homes on some of the industry’s most coveted labels including Mad Decent, Confession, Insomniac and more. With a career spanning over a decade, Dread MC has gained immense popularity for his versatile flows and captivating stage presence. With the curation of Do Not Duplicate Recordings ‘DND Connection’ compilation, listeners are left eagerly waiting for more high-energy and dynamic bass music to come in the future.

    Duckworthsound and Dread MC have done an impeccable job curating a variety of tracks that showcase their musical prowess and technical knowledge in the world of UK bass music, resulting in a diverse and exciting album that is sure to please fans of the genre. The collaborative effort between the duo has resulted in a seamless and cohesive album that highlights the best of UK bass.

    From classic garage sounds to cutting-edge bass-house, this compilation has something for everyone. Serving as a testament to the incredible diversity and creativity of the UK bass music scene, ‘DND Connection’ is a must-have for fans of the genre.

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